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#2132: I guess he's not "General Betray-Us" any more?

You heard, by now, that McChrystal is out and Petraeus is in. Right?

In 2007 got a bargain rate from NYT to publish their full-page "General Betray-Us" ad. has very quietly pulled down that ad from their site, and Google no longer has it cached to boot, in the wake of Obama's selection of Petraeus to replace McChrystal.

The Anchoress reminds me it was Glenn Reynolds who first blogged about it. Limbaugh was talking about it today.

The mainstream media is, as usual, marching in lockstep, praising Obama's decision as "brilliant".

The Internet, however, will not let the left airbrush the pictures in an attempt to avoid looking totally hypocritical.

* * *

BP took the cheapest route possible to seal cracks at the drill site which is now a disaster.

"Once they realized they had oil down there, all the decisions they made were designed to get that oil at the lowest cost."

So 13 people are dead and there's oil gushing virtually unchecked into the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks, BP.

* * *

Yesterday afternoon, a huge line of thunderstorms roared through and we got an inch and a half of rain in the space of a few hours. I'm sure most of it fell during the initial blow, because it was raining buckets, and we had flash flooding.

After the initial blow was done I headed out to pick up the ear drops, and ended up driving the Escort through a lake which had accumulated on one of the streets in my neighborhood. The water was not very deep (not more than a foot) and I know the lay of the land well enough to see that I could get the car through without worry. Even though the storm drain in the middle was the focus of a whirlpool.

Rolling through it, though, the engine nearly stalled, which made me think I had made a serious mistake; but finally I realized idiot, you're in SECOND GEAR, which was too high a gear for the speed I was moving at. First gear did the trick, and I rolled out of the puddle with the alternator light on and the clutch shuddering because it was sopping wet. The brakes, of course, were also soaked, limiting their effectiveness.

The impromptu pond lay in a dip at the top of a hill. You go down a bit, up a bit, then down a gentle slope to get to the main road. At the bottom of that slope, water was gushing from a storm drain.

After I'd gotten down the road a way from there everything was working fine; but at the stoplight in Steger I realized, "Damn it; I'd wanted to take the Jeep so I could fill it up on the way home."

The ear drops: the pharmacy assistant told me, "$143," and I said, "Holy--!"

"Yeah, they're expensive," she said with some sympathy.

"I just wish the doctor had warned me they were made of iridium-plated platinum," I said, ruefully handing over my debit card. She laughed.

Drove home, avoiding the pond; after talking to Mom a bit I decided to go take the Jeep to the gas station anyway. I gleefully set out for the pond, thinking I'd even stop in the middle and open the door and look down at the water--

No pond. In the ten minutes or so since I'd seen it from the driver's seat of the Escort, the pond had drained away.

What a powerful vehicle my Jeep is. It makes obstacles disappear.

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