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#2133: Looks like that boycott of Arizona is flexible.

LA makes an exception for the Arizona company which operates the traffic cameras. Those traffic cameras bring money into LA, you see. So their high-and-mighty "principled stand" means nothing when they're getting money.

Liberal hypocrites. (I realize that's redundant; sorry.)

* * *

Paul McCartney is showing signs of senile dementia.

* * *

Bernanke wants more deficit spending. See, whatever temporary boost the US economy got from the excessive deficit spending of the Democrat Regime has begun to falter, particularly as the housing market has again dropped off (by 33 freaking percent!) and unemployment has not improved but for the hiring of temporary census workers. (Which itself has been fudged and fiddled to make the number look a lot larger than it is.)
New home sales crashed 33pc in May to an all-time low of 300,000 after the homebuyer tax-credit expired, confirming fears that the housing market has been propped up by subsidies. Unemployment is stuck at 9.7pc. Manufacturing capacity use is at 71.9pc. The Fed's "trimmed mean" index of core inflation is 0.6pc on a six-month basis, a record low.
Manufacturing is 72% of capacity? That means twenty-eight percent of the US manufacturing capacity is just sitting idle, doing nothing.

So they want to crank the printing presses back up to "emergency maximum" in order to prevent deflation from setting in. But you know what that does, don't you? It just punts the ball further downfield, and in the meantime it also drastically increases the federal debt. It's already passed the GDP, and the last thing we need is even more debt piled atop it. The crash is going to be bad enough; trying to stave it off will only make it worse.

* * *

A Michelle Malkin one-two punch:

Before you open your piehole, why don't you look at a map? Democrat speaking in favor of boycotting Arizona apparently didn't know that Arizona is a border state, very much like Texas.

Arizona Senator John Kyl sets her straight: "You will be interested to learn that Arizona does indeed share a border with Mexico. I have enclosed a map for your convenience."

* * *

Film developers had better put on extra staff around the time this protest is scheduled. Of course the really smart guys will go digital. You can fit a lot of photos on even a 1 GB flash card.

* * *

I'm so old I remember when "flash card" was a study aid. Now it's a storage device for digital media.

* * *

You can't schedule wind. Yet another reason windmills are not a good way to power an industrialized nation.

* * *

Obama is just the latest--and most obvious--example. the latest evidence of a disconcerting pattern with this president and his cronies in the executive branch and Congress: Their "progressive" ideological agenda comes first; everything else, including the will of the people and the letter of the law, is at most an obstacle....
The left has always operated this way. When they cannot get their way at the ballot box, they turn to the courts; and they do their best to ensure the courts are filled with "fellow travelers" in order to get their agenda into force regardless of the will of the people.

That's how abortion was made legal in 1974: via judicial fiat, because every time someone tried to make it legal via legislation, it was voted down. When a law is passed which the left doesn't like, they sue, and sue, and sue to have it ruled unconstitutional; and there are billions of dollars available to the people who pay the lawyers who argue such.

They're not interested in what the people want; they're interested in their own power. Nothing else matters to them.

* * *

Thomas Sowell on the defense policies of the Obama administration.

"If we are creating an environment where only political generals can survive, what will that mean for America's ability to win military victories without massive casualty rates? Or to win military victories at all?" Asks Sowell.

One of the dirty little secrets is that the notion of "politically correctness" comes to us from the Soviet Union. "Politically correct" means that a person's politics match those of the left; at least all his outward appearances do. In the Soviet Union it was uncommon for someone who was eminently capable but politically incorrect to get anywhere in life. If your politics were wrong, you were going to be a failure, no matter how good you were.

It's also a feature of the American left as well: the left does not tolerate any dissent from its dogma and ideology. The Obama administration is the first one to make it bleeding obvious that they're operating that way, but they have all done it to one extent or another. (Remember the "Travelgate" fiasco from the Clinton years? When the head of the White House travel office was fired on trumped-up charges of misconduct so the Clintons could install a crony of theirs? SSDD.)

I meant "same shit, different day" but when I looked at it just now my brain supplied "same shit, different dictator". *sigh*

* * *

Victor Davis Hanson thinks that someone should have warned Obama about hubris.

* * *

Obama's new energy policy is to hold hands and wish real hard. That's the only way "green energy" will ever replace the methods we now favor.

I wasn't going to link to this post until I read this:
When you see those windmills turning even when there is no wind, there is a plant somewhere providing them with electricity because, unless they constantly turn, their mechanisms famously break down.
*facepalm* least that explains why all the windmills in Academy City (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun) are turning too slowly and in the wrong direction: there's not enough wind to turn them, so they're being turned by motors to keep them functional.

* * *

The problem with TSA is that it's a breeding ground for little dictators. The TSA agents get used to people doing what they say, and they think that gives them license to do whatever the hell they please in the name of "security".

This horror story from an amputee who was forced to undergo an unfair inspection makes me wonder if the TSA agent himself was one of those sickos who is turned on by amputees....

* * *

Big Dick may have the right of it when he says, "...the only way we're gonna stop this takeover of our lives and country is through a very bloody, very costly war."

It's hard to argue with the sentiment.

* * *

35 pictures which demand an explanation.

...that's wrong. Those are 35 pictures I want to know nothing about. Whatever is going on in them, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

* * *

Let it be known that I officially do not like having to put drops in my ear.

I have to lay down on my left side for at least five minutes; and I can't really tell if the drops are going to the right spot or not. I worry they're going to drain out as soon as I sit up.

If the doc wants to give me more drops when I see him next week, I'm going to protest.

* * *

So today is the last Friday of June; and it's a ridiculously nice day, to quote Kyon.

Well, it could stand to be a bit cooler. If it were cooler it'd be "ridiculously nice". So nevermind that last. Still, I suppose I'd better go cut the grass, because it's going to be ridiculously hot for the weekend, and the grass will grow like it's rocket-propelled.

...but yesterday I ran a couple randoms with Amaleni, and with her Kirin Tor tabard on she's getting her reputation up there with the old KT. Furthermore, while running "Culling of Stratholme" I got "reins of the bronze drake", which is a freakin' dragon mount. Problem is, it requires artisan-level riding, which costs 5,000 GP.

Amaleni's almost got 2K. I've been running quests like mad. I want to get artisan riding ASAP so I can make use of that nifty dragon.

I have enough high-level gear to queue for heroic randoms, but I'm not what you would called geared. My DPS score is pretty low. Some people have complained about it.

Gee, I'm really sorry that I'm a brand-new 80 without any gear, and that I lack the experience of people (like your exalted majesty!) who've got ten 80s on this server alone and are slumming in the randoms. I realize that if I were a really good player (like you!) I would have had tier 10 gear on my first 80 the instant I reached that level; I guess I just suck so bad I don't deserve to be in the same hemisphere of the planet as you.


...but there are dickheads everywhere, and they wouldn't say something like that to your face if you were in the same room with them. The anonymity of the Internet emboldens 'em. And it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the instances one whit, either, because I was doing the best I could and knew it. F 'em.

And yesterday I managed to take down an 80 elite with 100k health by my ownself. It was an epic battle (particularly when the cloth armor that warlocks are limited to is poor protection from a freaking iron giant) but I managed to drop him by myself. It only took three tries; during the first two attempts, I got squished. There were a few narrow scrapes where my health bar was knocked so far down I couldn't see any green in it, but I lived.

* * *

I have managed to start a program of walking, in order to reduce my girth. So far I walked Monday and Thursday.

...I couldn't walk Wednesday, not during the typhoon....

The corn around here is already butt-high, rather than knee-high. (Not 4th of July yet, either.) The weather has been good for crops, I think. Our pear tree has about a billion developing pears; if only we could keep the squirrels from nibbling on them.

I'm jealous of the houses over on the south side of the main E-W street that runs through town: they have a lot of fireflies over there. A lot more than we have here. When I walked down the street which represents the south-easternmost part of the town core--it runs next to a corn field--I heard frogs, and discovered there's a pond SE of the bend in that road.

My walk lasted half an hour, 20 minutes of which kept time with Sousa marches...though the last five minutes I had to walk fast for 20 steps and then slow down for 10, because my calves were screaming at me. (Apparently they hadn't completely recovered from Monday's walk.)

Still, it was exercise I sorely need, and I'm going to keep at it. 20 min, 3x per week, and "that way you never need acupuncture."

quip stolen from Charles Schultz.


The Slime tire sealant I put in the tractor tire did its job perfectly. The tire is still fully inflated.


On my walk last night, as I walked past the corn field, a bunny hopped out onto the road in front of me. It looked at me, and then hopped away from me a few feet, along my path. Then it looked at me again, realized I was still coming at it, and hopped a bit further, still along my path. Then it gave me a look as if to say, "WTF are you doing? Following me?" It hopped again, looked at me, and then finally ducked back into the weeds at the side of the road.

During the entire encounter it was less than three feet from me. If I'd had some kind of snare or club I could have taken it and had it for dinner. But I'd rather have beef or pork or chicken than bunny; bunny is for special occasions or emergencies.

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