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#2134: Yo, Exelion: get your crap together already.

Of late, it seems like every time it rains, the power fails.

Granted: it's been hot and humid, and that makes for powerful storms. But one would think that after a few days' worth of this nonsense the weak sisters would have shaken out, and been fixed.

Given that Exelion is now a power delivery company which buys electricity from producers and sells it to consumers, one would think they would at least take care to keep their delivery infrastructure in good repair, so that it doesn't crap out every time it gets wet.

* * *

The ecosystems come back very quickly once the flood of oil is stemmed. The largest oil spill in the known history of the Gulf of Mexico happened in 1979 and the environment came back really fast.

The ecology of Prince William Sound recovered very quickly, too; a lot faster than anyone predicted.

Because crude oil naturally seeps out of the sea floor, there are creatures which have evolved to take advantage of this bounty of chemical energy. While there's a lot more oil at the moment than is typical, it's going to be dealt with. Once BP and the feds get their heads out of their asses and deal with the issue, the gulf coast will naturally clean itself of oil, and everything will recover.

* * *

Via, and the bit above the bit about Ixtoc 1 is about primate behavior. I especially liked the dry, "A third possibility is that humans are most like humans." (And if you want to knwo why I like it, go read it; it won't take long.)

* * *

Sorry, Germany; this warning comes about 46 years too late. But I don't think anyone would have listened to you if you'd warned against it in 1964, anyway.

They for damn sure aren't going to listen to you now.

* * *

What is revolutionary about this? Apple released version 4 of the iPhone not long ago, and apparently the freaking case is made out of glass.

And I'm not exaggerating, either; look at the image of the iPhone. If that's not glass, then it's an amazing glass-like substance. (It is actually glass; that was snark.)

So Apple released a phone made out of glass which you have to avoid holding certain ways lest you lose your signal? Oh God. Junk. "crApple".

Naturally you inevitably get the Apple apologists who say, "Oh, well, ur stupid for dropping ur iPhone!" You know what? You're right. ("Ur right"?) In fact, I'm going to do you one better: you're stupid for buying an expensive handheld portable device which can be ruined if dropped and then not leaving it at home or carrying it around in a steel housing to protect it.

* * *


The anorexia is bad enough. The botox is worse. The hairstyle and total lack of eyebrows--blech. But that awful fake tan makes her look like she's been roasted in a 350° oven for five hours. Her skin looks crispy.

God damn is that nauseating.

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