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#2136: "Sheets" Byrd is dead.

Robert Byrd, Democrat, former member of the Ku Klux Klan, is dead.

Doug Powers over on Michelle Malkin's blog had only just predicted that Byrd's seat would not be vacated before July 2 "no matter what happens" but the Democrats can hardly argue that Byrd is not, after all, dead--and so the seat stands vacant, which means there'll be a special election come November for that seat. An appointee will fill it until then.

Which means there is a chance, in November, that Democrats will lose another seat they have long held.

* * *

Bad news for Daley and the Democrat Machine! The Chicago gun ban has been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court!

Midwest Chick about the decision.

* * *

Og takes on Roger Ebert: "Well, actually, you brain dead cockmonkey, it is. maybe if you didn’t have your head jammed so far up your ass you can see daylight you’d know that, but...."

Roger Ebert bemoaned (on Twitter) the "unconsitutional gun laws" for a rash of shootings in Chicago over the weekend. Roger Ebert may know a lot about movies, but in every other single avenue of life, he is a moron.

* * *

Clinton is saying that Barry Hussein is doing "a better job than he’s given credit for."

Sure: especially because Boss Tweek is making Clinton look like George Freakin' Washington by comparison.

* * *

If you really respected their culture, you wouldn't have climbed the thing in the first place. Ayers' Rock is holy ground to the Australian aborigines. They ask that visitors not climb it.

A stripper danced topless on the thing, and claims she "was doing it as a tribute to indigenous culture."

Oh, yeah, because everyone loves a "tribute" which includes stomping all over their traditions.

* * *

Obama is talking a good game here but I notice that his policies don't match the rhetoric. The US government continues to borrow and spend like there is no tomorrow.

* * *

Mr. Biden, being a smartass is better than being a dumbass like you. Democrats: the dumb-ass party since 1850.

* * *

The "debate tactics" of the left include death threats. Sign a petition, get threatened with death by gay activists.

Even when it's an issue on which they've won:
Voters rejected the referendum last November to overturn the legislature's granting of marriage rights to homosexuals. The homosexual activists then demanded as part of "public records" the names and addresses of citizens who signed petitions to put the issue on the ballot.
Isn't that nice?

* * *

Why? Because she doesn't know how to operate a washing machine.

So stealing $207 worth of girls' underwear is a "misdemeanor", eh?

* * *

Eight most annoying types of video game levels and the first one is "water levels".

There was a really good RPG back in the 1980s called Wrath of Denethenor. I was playing that thing like mad, enjoying the hell out of it...until I got to this one dungeon. It was a water dungeon. You had to cast a "time stop" spell, and you had to cast it every third step, or else the dungeon would flood and you'd die.

That dungeon made me give up the damn game. It was too damn annoying.

* * *

Learn from a complete dumbass' fail: "When giving a Power Point presentation to a bunch of customers, make sure your 'File .. Open' doesn’t bring you to the folder where you store your nude self pics."

Here's an idea: don't take nude pictures of yourself. If--for whatever reason--you simply must have nude pictures of yourself, don't store them on the computer. If there is some reason you cannot avoid storing them on a computer, don't store them on a computer you use for work.

The "FAIL" here is not in making sure the target directory "" is in the right spot.

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