atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

Are people really this STUPID???

Folks, I really am getting tired of writing entries about gasoline prices but THIS ONE TAKES THE GODDAMNED CAKE ALREADY: sorry for shouting :)

Short form: Judge in Bee County, Texas, wants people there to boycott ExxonMobile until they sell gas for $1.30 per gallon.

Gas hasn't been that cheap since...when? 2000? Why stop at $1.30 per gallon? Why not boycott them until they sell it for $0.86 like it was in 1987? Or $0.50-ish like it was in 1976? I mean, as long as we're going to demand the impossible from them, why not just expect them to give it away for free?


ADDENDUM: Interesting fact: apparently oil companies make around $0.08 profit on each gallon of gas they sell. My sugar-honey-baby Ann Coulter says $0.09 per gallon in . The taxes on a gallon of gas are actually higher than the profit that gallon of gas generates. Hmm..."record profits"? Not on gasoline!

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