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#2138: It's still the economy, stupid

Obama sez the economy is getting better.

But guess what?

"Stocks close down on fears of global slowdown", goes the headline, and the lede informs us that the Dow is below 10,000 again.

"US auto sales seen slowing with recovery in doubt".

Looks like the Fed is going to crank up the printing presses again.

None of this looks like "the economy is getting better", does it?

* * *

Government never does anything on time or under budget. This is merely one of the reasons a lot of people oppose(d) ObamaCare.

* * *

This is bullshit. A woman has been charged with "two charges of criminal negligence causing death" because a motorcycle ran into her and the occupants of the motorcycle were killed in the collision.

Granted: there's a law against stopping on the highway. But it nonetheless sounds to me as if the person operating the motorcycle was at fault.

For one thing, motorcycles weigh less than cars and can stop faster. For another, they are more agile and can maneuver faster than cars. How the hell can a car stop--even making an emergency stop!--and a guy on a motorcycle behind it can't?

Unless, gee, maybe the guy was following the car too closely and couldn't react quickly enough to stop the bike. Or the guy was distracted. Or--?

The article doesn't say whether or not the guy and his daughter were wearing helmets. It's Canada, so they might have a law requiring them, but I don't know.

What I do know is that when a moving vehicle hits a stopped vehicle, it's generally the fault of the person on the moving vehicle, not the other way around.

* * *

Democrats do not like being told "no", and so Daley is going to do his damnedest to find a way to enact a de facto ban on guns in Chicago since the Supreme Court struck down the old de jure one.

The ban in D.C. was struck down but they enacted new laws which basically assume that gun owners are criminals: they require a ballistic test of the gun and fingerprints of the owner: essentially, if you wish to own a gun in D.C. the government takes both your fingerprints and those of the gun.

Meanwhile, the criminals with their illegally-purchased guns won't be subject to any of that.

* * *

Tom Brokaw needn't have told us this; we alreadly knew he's a Democrat. I've known it for years. This is not exactly news.

* * *

Via Og, something cool:

Virtual slide rule.

What I especially like is this: the slide rule is a fairly simple way of using logarithms to do calculations quickly. Someone's gone to a lot of trouble to pre-calculate the linear relationships of numbers so that one can perform mathematical operations much faster than with pencil and paper; and the slide rule was the computational standard for centuries. ...until electronic computers came along. (And mechanical calculators before that.)

Here, though, we have an example of a slide rule being simulated on a digital computer, which is kind of like running an emulator program on an emulator program. ("Look, I'm running an Amiga emulator on my Atari ST, and the Amiga emulator is running an ST emulator! Isn't that cool?")

Nerds do this kind of shit all the time.

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