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#2139: It is time to get rid of the goddamned greenies!

"Fireworks are ecological hazards!"

Fireworks? Oh, they're bad for the environment! They contain chemicals! "Many of the chemicals in fireworks are also persistent in the environment, meaning they stubbornly sit there instead of breaking down."

Got any figures on how much of these "chemicals" end up in the environment? How many tons per year? Huh? How many parts-per-trillion can you find of these chemicals which are directly traceable to the use of pyrotechnics?

Piss off and shut up, you communist assholes.

* * *

Racism at the Department of Justice: Obama's attorney general won't prosecute blacks.

So much for little things like "equal protection under the law". If you're black, Eric Holder will refuse to prosecute you for anything. But if you're not black....

Of course the mainstream media won't say a word about this.

* * *

Chicago will limit handgun ownership to one gun per person, and they must be kept in the home.

Meanwhile, criminals will still carry whatever number of guns suits them wherever they like.

* * *

Do tell: Obama "intends" to get debt under control. Oh, sure.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents wanted you to do something, and you tried to weasel out of it by saying, "I'll try to do it...." Remember that? That's what Obama is trying to do here. He's not going to do shit about spending and anyone with half a brain knows it.

* * *

Obama's was supposed to the "the most transparent administration in history", much the same way Clinton's was supposed to be--and it's not. The Obama-tons are finding and exploiting all sorts of loopholes to see to it that there are no records of things which have to be--by law--recorded if they take place on federal property.

Why be surprised? This is how Democrats have operated for more than a century. The last thing they want is for the people actually to know what they're doing, because the people won't like it and won't stand for it.

* * *

The Deepwater Horizon spill has fallen off the media's radar because it makes Obama in particular and the federal government in general look bad. But it's an ongoing problem and the linked article gives a commonsense to-do list...the contents of which of course no one in the federal government is even beginning to think about considering.

* * *

Meanwhile, thanks to the drilling ban, the oil jobs are going overseas. A lot of people predicted this: shutting down offshore drilling would put a lot of Americans out of work and the exploration platforms would move to greener pastures.

Or, technically, less green pastures, places where they could--y'know--actually drill for oil. It costs lots and lots of money to have a big complex machine like an offshore oil platform floating around, doing nothing. It costs a staggering amount of money, so if they're not allowed to operate in one place, they'll go where they can operate--and take the jobs with them.

Obama gets what he wants from this, though he won't say so and the press won't ask him: drilling off the American shores stops. Just remember, that is what Obama wanted in the first place.

So next year when gas hits $5 per gallon, just remember to say, "Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obama!"

* * *

Boortz weighs in on the competency of the US government to do anything.

Jon Stewart, of all people, asks a major Obama official if the government is competent to regulate anything. And doesn't take "Well, it's Bush's fault..." for an answer.

A comedian being tougher on an administration he likes than the actual press--will wonders never cease?

* * *

Another piece from Boortz, "On the edge of the economic cliff."
Yesterday's 2.7% drop in the Dow Jones was just an indicator that we are not on a fast track to recovery. In fact, quite the opposite. While Joe Biden tours the country on a "Summer Recovery" tour, trying to convince you how the Obama administration saved us from disaster ... our economy is slowing. Businesses aren't hiring. And Democrats in Washington are poised to only make matters worse. The Royal Bank of Scotland is warning that the global economy is stalling out and that this could lead to a massive flooding of the money supply by the Federal Reserve in efforts to fight off a world-wide deflationary recession.

Meanwhile, Democrats are touting their financial reform bill as the savior for our economic future. Yeah ... we're going to save our economy with new regulations, taxes and fees. That's what we need. The real reason we're not adding jobs in the private sector is because private businesses are undertaxed and don't have enough government regulations to worry about .. right?
I've been saying all along that the "recovery" is not a recovery, and I have not been the sole voice shouting in the wilderness: I take this opinion from reading the opinions of others whom I respect, and I don't like what I see.

Oh Lord how I wish it were otherwise. I'd love to be wrong about what I see coming. So many times in my life I've made predictions and turned out to be 100% freaking wrong about it, you know, and while it does grate on me to be wrong all the damn time it still makes for a comfortable pattern when a major global economic crisis is staring you in the face, one which looks like it could include all the really nasty features of the Great Depression up to and including a huge freakin' war, only this time we've got nuclear weapons....

Unfortunately, I didn't make any of this up, nor am I following my gut instinct when others are saying different things. Unemployment is disastrously high. At last report some 15% of the world's cargo ships were sitting idle. US manufacturing is at 78% of capacity. Interest rates are effectively zero and the money supply is nonetheless not growing. Several members of the EU are facing bankruptcy and if they default it will take down one of the world's major currencies. The other major economies are remaining afloat only because their currencies are investment instruments; if that changes, the whole thing comes down.

I lay awake at night wondering if I shouldn't start laying in supplies of nonperishable goods, so that if the freight stops moving I won't starve to death. Beans and rice (you might get sick to death of eating them, but they'll keep you alive). Canned meats. MREs for variety. And so on.

I don't know.

* * *

Oh, and guess what? Leon Panetta says that sanctions aren't going to stop Iran from getting an atomic bomb. Do tell!

* * *

Midwest Chick is married, or at least in a committed relationship. And that's too bad for me, because I like how she thinks: clearly and logically. How come I never meet women like that? Why do I meet weirdos and psychos who can't listen and think?

*ahem* Digressing a bit there...anyway, Midwest Chick talks here about the idiocy of entertainers who think people give a rat's ass what they think about anything. Well, I do, to a small extent: this kind of stupidity lets me know who not to watch/read/listen to.

* * *

Every time the G20 (or whatever number they're up to now) has a meeting, there are always all sorts of petulant hipster douchebags who think they're anarchists who protest and vandalize and loot. Only in the latter case, a would-be looter gets his comeuppance.

"Think they're anarchists"--these pissant morons wouldn't last ten seconds under real anarchy. Someone would come along and pound them into the cement for their clothes: "It's cold out here, and I want your coat, and I'm bigger than you. Hand it over." And even if Mr. Hipster could fight off his attacker, he would have to then deal with his attacker's friends and family. (Look up the meaning of the word "feud" for context.)

* * *

A good observation gets you banned from left-wing sites if your observation doesn't agree with them.

* * *

Women, read this piece by Og and take what he says to heart: the man who says he does not like pron is lying to you.

Good old Big Dick replies to a comment:
“Are there any men out there who choose to abstain from sex and the sexual, until and unless it relates to the women who are their wives?”

I met this guy in an iron lung once…
And then there’s my buddy who died ten years back.
I’m gonna have to say, no. Unless of course, they’re lying. And the really cool part? Not one of us normal guys are broken.
At least he didn't do what I would have done, which would have been to start with "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" right after the quote.

* * *

This is an interesting distillation of Twilight: at its core, the story is about a young woman trying to decide between bestiality and necrophilia.

*shudder* of the commentor says, "...Vampires aren't dead". Obviously this person has absolutely no freakin' clue whatsoever of the meaning of the term "undead".

Vampires are undead. They are therefore former corpses. Which makes the heroine of this idiocy a necrophiliac. (When she isn't dabbling in bestiality.)

I don't mind saying it: I hate vampires. I don't think they're "sexy"; they're not even in the same zip code as "sexy". Not even when they sparkle.

The only good vampire is one that's been staked, and then had its head cut off and filled with communion wafers. And then had the whole thing exposed to sunlight, just for good measure.

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