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#2140: No hot water!

Early this morning, I went to the basement for a change of clothes, and when I stepped on the floor it went squish.

Bad noise.

It took me a few minutes with a flashlight to discover that the source of the water was, in fact, the hot water heater, and many bad words were said.

Shut off the gas supply, shut off the water supply to the heater itself, opened the drain valve. *sigh*

Fortunately it was a leak and not a gusher. About 1/3 of the basement carpet was wet. But I had just been about to go to bed; so I went to bed. I got up this afternoon and took Mom to her doctor appointment; and then after getting home I locked the cats in my bedroom and hurled myself bodily at the cleanup.

I moved all sorts of stuff and vacuumed about five gallons of water out of the carpet. Now there's a fan blowing on the affected area and the furnace blower is running to circulate air through. I'm probably going to have to vacuum the carpet again as it was squishing when I went down there to check on it, but it'll be fine for now.

It was, fortunately, not a big leak; but it was big enough. *sigh* Point is, I'm really tired now. At least I got my exercise for the day.

* * *

I suppose they didn't have the budget for snakes so it was Maggots on a Plane instead?

That's about it for wisecracks on that story. Except for one from the link:
There was no explanation given the TSA screeners missed the live insects but won't let anyone else through security with 4 ounces of contact solution.
He was probably a swarthy middle eastern muslim.

* * *

Let me correct you: the machete is laying on scale mail, not chain mail. This really isn't that hard to understand, people.

And I have to say: that's some damn fine-looking scale mail.

* * *

Yes, the GOP is "aiming backwards". A lot of us would like to go back to the 1980s, when both the economy and our President were strong.

* * *

I honestly wish the GOP were planning a "blitzkrieg" against the Democrat party. It would be nice for our guys to show some freaking spine, instead of cowering in the corner and trying so hard to be "Democrat Lite".

* * *

Sequestering carbon dioxide is a bad idea, but not for his reasons. The idea that sequestered carbon dioxide could represet a hazard for future generations--


Never mind.

* * *

Obama tried to get Valerie Jarrett appointed to his vacated Senate seat. Interesting story, isn't it? Do you suppose that is why Blagojevich got arrested so suddenly? He wasn't playing ball with the President?

Blago is a skunk, but something other than that has smelled about this case from the beginning, and this piece puts it in perspective.

* * *

There are two problems with this story on how the Antarctic glacier melt is not due to global warming.

First: sea level isn't rising.

Second: The Antarctic glaciers, overall, are thickening.

The notion that something other than nonexistent global warming could be causing glaciers to melt is not exactly new, either.

* * *

For the price of this Kindle DX, I could buy three Libre eBook readers.

It doesn't mean that I don't want an eBook reader with a gigantic screen like the Kindle DX's, but I have to keep things in perspective.

Besides, I only have to wait another 19 days for it to ship.

* * *

The Curmudgeon Emeritus talks about the failings of the Obama administration here, and it's worth a gander.

* * *

Amaleni has been burning up the achievements of late.

...looks like that character viewer doesn't agree with LiveJournal. :S Oh well.

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