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#2141: Democrat Machine performs as expected.

Having had their handgun ban slapped down by the Supreme Court, Chicao has written a new law which bans handguns.

Oh, wait! Ha ha ha! No, it doesn't actually say that guns are illegal, but it makes legal ownership of handguns so onerous that it's a de facto ban even if it's not de jure.

Also, the law requires that people who have previously been convicted on gun-related charges must register with the police. Nothing like throwing in a little ex post facto to make your law an even bigger thumb in the eye, right, Democrat machine?

The way the new law is written, if you live in Chicago, I think you can only carry your gun when you're in bed with the lights out and the covers over your head.

At least some of the provisions didn't make it: the restriction to one gun per person, and the insurance requirement. The latter would have made gun ownership impossible...which was exactly why Daley wanted it.

This law is still unreasonably restrictive, but at least Chicago had to rescind its ban on handgun ownership.

* * *

Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin's blog: "...[T]he recording also implies that Blago had been contacted by someone from Team Obama and getting his arm twisted a bit about who to appoint to Obama’s vacated Senate [seat]."

Also, he's got some interesting information on the BP oil spill and who is doing--or not doing, as the case may be--what.

And then for a three-fer, he writes about the UNEXPECTED rise in jobless claims.

* * *

I want an explanation for that last, by the way. Jobless claims went up but the U3 number went down to 9.4%. Is that because Congress didn't extend unemployment benefits? I bet it is, which begs the question: what is U6 these days?

The census is just about done with, so those temp workers are going to be out of jobs soon, which means U3 will rise again anyway.

* * *

Boortz looks around the Internet and senses that something is amiss. Well, a lot of somethings, actually.

* * *

And now three links from

Eric Holder dismissing the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers was racially-motivated.

Ex-Klansman Robert Byrd got a nice squeaky clean eulogy from Barak Hussein.

The Obama administration is using the BP spill to make political hay, which is why all the roadblocks to cleanup remain. It works in Democrats' favor if the spill is an unprecedented ecological disaster.

* * *

Junk science on parade!

Curmudgeon Emeritus talks about how the global warming movement is a load of bunkum. IPCC turns out to have based its report on the opinion of a handful of (alleged) scientists, not "2,500" as it previously claimed.

Oh no, it's not a fungus, it's cell phones that are killing honeybees! *sigh*
Agriculture Department data show the bee population has been on the decline for several years, in what scientists call "colony collapse disorder." It has been occurring around the world, with possible theories on what’s causing the phenomenon ranging from viruses to parasites, insecticides and malnutrition.
Notice there's no mention of fungi in there. This is such horseshit....

And then Breda talks about the Rolling Stone cover featuring Madonna 2.0 Lady Gaga with a GUNBRA! and how some sociologist wanker says, in Breda's paraphrasal, "a woman with a gun is either a playful little sex kitten suggestively fondling her man's, ahem...'pistol' or a frustrated creature wishing that she could somehow have a 'pistol' of her very own".

One of the most annoying things about the soft sciences like sociology is their continued adherence to Freud. Freud's primary contribution to psychology was that he was the first person to apply the scientific method to psychology. Before Freud, psychology was mostly mysticism and bunkum.

Freud's most important contribution was the notion of the subconscious mind; just about everything else he came up with has been disproven or found wanting in other ways. His method of psychotherapy remains in use because 99% of therapy is talking about your problems. But most psychologists and psychiatrists do not use Freud's methods and diagnoses any more than a general practitioner bleeds you when you've got a head cold.

But none of that matters to the soft sciences, where postmodernist thinking contends that facts are sociological constructs; so we get this inane babbling about "phallic symbols" and penis envy from people who probably shouldn't be allowed around sharp objects.

* * *

As for me, my ear is fine. I saw the ENT today, and he looked at my ears and said everything looked good. I don't have to see him again unless there's a problem, but next year about this time I'll go in and have the wax cleaned from my ears.

...he even advised me not to worry too much about wax buildup in my ears. Just wash normally, don't go overboard trying to keep the ear canals clean, etc, etc. Fine with me; I'll just continue as normal.

I spent more time waiting for the guy than I did actually talking to him.

Got home and the plumber was here. You can probably guess what happened: we needed a new water heater and it was a couple grand worth of work that got done on the plumbing of Casa Fungus.

If you've ever been aboard a boat that spends most of its time closed up, you're probably familiar with the reek of fiberglas. Long after it's cured--and especially when it gets wet--the resin continues to give off a peculiar chemical odor, and it's one that drives sixteen penny nails into my olfactory bulb: it doesn't quite give me a headache, but it makes my smeller hurt.

That odor has been permeating the basement for almost a month--and now it's gone. Which means the old water heater had started to leak more than a month ago, and only recently did the leak get big enough that the water came out fast enough to puddle on the floor.

The old heater was 16 years old. I don't know how long a hot water heater is supposed to last, but 16 years seems like an awful short time. It had a six-year warranty, though.

I don't know anything about this junk. What I do know is that after cleaning out the basement yesterday I was decidedly in no shape to install a water heater today, and even if I had been, I--again--don't know anything about plumbing. I can fake it enough to change a faucet or install a sump pump, but when it comes to something like a hot water heater--with both water and gas lines!--I feel better about letting a pro handle it...if I can. (Two grand. *sigh* Better learn how to sweat copper pipes, son.)

* * *

Last night Amaleni took part in a 10-man raid on Icecrown Citadel. (ICC)

I replaced another player who had been kicked for excessive incompetence. They needed someone and I volunteered; so in I went--and I was told by several people that I did not do too badly, considering my lack of experience and gear.

I got a nice piece of armor out of it, too, so that worked well.

We didn't finish the raid, because it's endgame content and it's one of those things where everyone gets killed, and then goes back and tries again. On the third attempt we killed Rotface, one of the bosses.

In WoW, when a monster is significantly higher level than your character, his level will show up as "??" because you're not nearly good enough to know how good he is. But if you see a little skull in the level window, it means if you take me on, you are going to die. Usually you will die very quickly.

When your character is level 80, there are almost no monsters in the entire game which are that
high a level. But the bosses in ICC--like Rotface--are. Rotface killed all ten of us twice, despite the fact that plenty of the other players knew the fight backwards and forwards and were very highly geared.

I did get sick of hearing Professor Putricide say gleefully, "Good news, everyone! I've fixed the poison slime pipes!" *sigh* But the third time we killed Rotface, so that's good.

* * *

When my brother and his family were here last weekend, my brother was telling my niece sternly about the rule that new drivers can have only one passenger when there isn't an adult present.

My brother was telling her that the rule has to be obeyed even when you probably won't get caught--something I agree with wholeheartedly.


The next day or so it occurred to me that I could have said, "Those are high words coming from the guy who--at age 19--pegged the speedo in his Camaro in a 35 zone."

It was 1980 or 1981, and I forget where we were, but it was on a local road; and he took off and ripped through the gears and then exulted, "The speedometer was pegged!" I don't think that his 1980 Camaro RS had a speedometer which registered higher than 85--I could be wrong--but whatever the top number was, it was certainly a hell of a lot higher than 35.

Even if I had thought of that incident at the time he was talking to his daughter, I don't think I would have mentioned it--at least, not just then. I might have waited until later to ask, "What about that time...?"

It's my prerogative as a younger brother to be a pain in the ass, you know.

* * *

I did manage to give my brother some advice on how to fix his snowmobile. He rebuilt the front suspension (as it was rusted and collapsed and--) but used Grade 6 hardware to bolt it back together. I advised him to get Grade 8 at least, and Grade 10 would be better.

Look, it's a snowmobile, not a car. Grade 6 would probably be okay. But only probably--snowmobiles can go fast and what if a ski broke off while he was going 50? (Or, worse, if my niece were riding it?) Is it worth the risk? Anyway, I didn't think so, and advised him on that point. "Besides, I've seen how you drive," I quipped.

I also taught my brother about anti-seize compound. Steel bolts in aluminum sleeves--he had to buy a drill press to get them out, and I told him, "This common problem has a solution...." It could have been a commercial for the stuff. I was going to just give him a tube, but I couldn't find more than the one gummy tube that I've been trying to use up since approximately 2002, so I just told him where he could get it. (I had some three or four at one point, but of course I could only find the one when I was looking for them. *sigh*)

* * *

So all the running around is done; the errands are complete and we even got the shopping done, which means I can now relax for a few days.

Here's hoping Sunday is fun.

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