atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2144: Go blow up some shit

This is the day we celebrate our split with Great Britain. Go celebrate it.

Me: brats, potato salad, key lime pie. Then "the arsenal of freedom" at Sailor V's place.

To get here, I had to go run errands; and that included picking up some gasoline. I decided to use the big metal 5 gallon jerry can I've had in the garage since 2003. leaked.

Specifically, gas was flowing evenly from the cap, which confused me because I'd only put about 3 gallons in the thing. It wasn't that high in the damn can, so how the hell...?

Gas has a very low vapor pressure--it vaporizes easily, else it would not be suitable as a fual-air explosive--and the metal jerry can cannot expand to accommodate it. So the rising pressure inside the can was pushing gasoline up the spout (itself immersed in gas) and into the cap, where it then was pushed out by the pressure behind it.

There is a vent on the thing; it's blocked by the gasket when the lid is on with the spout inside the can. The other gasket is much smaller and doesn't block the vent; I swapped them. We'll see if this helps at all.

I had intended to go to bed no later than 2 or 3, but last night I got involved with a group which was doing the Icecrown Citadel dungeons (Halls of Reflection, Pit of Saron, etc). It's long, particularly when you get killed a lot, and at 5 AM--with some of the quest/dungeon chain left to go--I finally said, "Nay, enough!"

But I wasn't the only one; the others were getting tired, too. If we had started it at 10 or 11 PM instead of 2 AM it would have been fine and I would have been all for finishing. But damn....

My inventory was full of gems because I had been prospecting before the random dungeon finder slotted us in, so I had to juggle loot and soul shards (the working fluid of warlocks) to keep myself able to deal lots of damage yet not give up precious loot. Halfway through Pit of Saron I finally hearthed to clear inventory and repair my equipment, and that was the heftiest repair bill I'd ever seen: 25 GP. Ouch.

Even so, I didn't do too badly: I got Amaleni's purse to some 3200 GP last night, from somewhere below 3k. Even with having such a big repair bill. So I must've done something right.

More importantly, Amaleni earned more emblems, which means I can now purchase other upgrades for her. More spell power and more haste rating, here I come.

As for right now, though, I've got to see about those brats. Have a good one.

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