atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2149: Notice how many of them have spanish names.

Michelle Malkin has a post up about "Musicians for Open Borders", which is a bunch of liberal pants-wetters from California protesting the enforcement of existing federal immigration laws by the State of Arizona.

You can scan the list if you like. A lot of them have spanish or spanish-like names. (Big surprise, that.) The one name I recognized for sure was "Nine Inch Nails". "Tenacious D"--Jack Black and his butt buddy--was not on the list though I know they're part of the boycott. Such as it is.

I strongly suspect that none of them are bands I would listen to except by accident, anyway. Them refusing to tour Arizona is really going to put a headlock on the artistic community there, isn't it? I mean, how will Arizona cope without "Los Faggots"?

As for "Tenacious D", that's not even a real band to begin with. It's something Jack Black made up in order to have something about which to do comedy shorts when his acting career started sucking. As far as I know the only "Tenacious D" album is the soundtrack for the "Tenacious D" movie, and 90% of the music on that thing is shit. Two songs on it are worth listening to, and one of them you can't listen to in public because of all the swearing.

Oh--a quick look at shows there's a CD from 2001 called, eponymously, "Tenacious D", and the review paints it as more of a comedy than music album.

All of this is pretty freaking stupid. (I notice that "Hall and Oates" is not on the list, either, but they also support this stupidity.) I wonder how many of those bands were actually scheduled to perform in Arizona before this? How many actually had to cancel concert dates to take part in this "boycott"?

I'd suspect the number approaches zero. Which is pretty much the aggregate IQ of everyone taking part in this nonsense.

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