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#2152: Michelle Malkin again shows us how liberals treat those who disagree with them

The post at this link is decidedly NSFW: She was on Fox News and the liberal hate mail poured in! Not because of anything she writes, but because of all the "tolerance" from the liberals.

It's a lot of nasty stuff, the kind of garbage these idiots wouldn't dare say to your face, because you might just feed them their own teeth. The Internet makes it easy for liberals to show their true racist selves, semi-anonymously.

I like that she published their e-mail addresses. That's pretty awesome.

But it's all they have: if they tried to debate the facts of the issue here, they'd lose, because their position on Arizona's new law is flatulence and fallacy--and they know it; that's why they get so angry. All they can do is attack Ms. Malkin's race and sex, and hurl schoolyard insults and "c**t c**t c**t".

When they start with the bile and the insults, you've won. Heh.

* * *

I went and got a couple McChicken--no mayo--and put lite ranch dressing on them. I'm not sure how much fat I save by doing this but it sure makes the sandwich taste good.

...and while I was wolfing them down, I wondered, Why the hell am I so hungry? And then I realized: dinner had been at 5:45 and I hadn't eaten anything since then. It worked out to nearly seven hours.

* * *

One of the reasons I'm considering an upgrade to Win 7 on this system is because it's supposed to be faster than Vista. But there's another factor.

I leave my system on all the time, simply putting it in sleep mode when I'm not using it. Of late, about every fourth time I bring the thing out of sleep mode it won't do anything: it just sits there at the desktop, and if I try to run any program nothing happens. If I try to bring up the task manager, I get a black screen. All I can do from this point is to shut off the power and restart.

I used to have a registry cleaning program--one I bought and paid for--but I'm switched if I can find it, or any evidence that I ever had it. If I could find it, I'd use it.

...I just found the installer in my downloads directory but the software isn't installed. I hope the serial number I paid for is still in the system somewhere.

Anyway, Win 7 is supposed to be "betterfastereasier and kids like it too!" and it's been out long enough that any compatibility issues should be over. *sigh*

* * *

It's in the 70s outside but the air is so humid you could slice it and make sandwiches.

* * *

In WoW there are things you can buy which are "bind on account", meaning that you can buy them with one character and use them with another character.

While running around Northrend with Amaleni I found--in Wintergrasp--the guy who sells BoA stuff, and one item was a pair of cloth spaulders. It cost 200 stone keeper's shards, and it provided 210 armor along with other nice bonuses. At the time, I didn't have enough shards, so I resolved to go back when I did, buy it, and send it to Torgilgrimm.

...the next several times I was on after getting enough shards, the Horde had control of Wintergrasp. At one point I saw that Wintergrasp was in Alliance hands, so I headed over there to buy the spaulders...and got caught right in the middle of the freaking battle for Wintergrasp. The Horde won and I couldn't find the guy who sold the spaulders, either! (On the plus side, I doubled the amount of honor Amaleni has, which means I might actually be able to buy something with it now.)

All this should have been a freaking clue, but no, this evening I saw that Wintergrasp was in Alliance hands and the next battle was comfortably distant (45 minutes) such that I could get there, find the douchebag, buy the spaulders, and get out again without having to fight off Horde dickheads.

Did so; hearthed to Dalaran, sent the armor to Torgilgrimm, and hopped on that character to equip them.

On Torgilgrimm, they gave a whopping 57 armor. Better than what he'd had, but not the 210 armor I was expecting. "Did I buy the wrong fucking thing?" I asked myself out loud. Hopped back on Amaleni, flew all the way back to Wintergrasp (36 minutes left before next battle) and only then discovered that the BoA stuff adjusts itself to the level of the character.

So when Torgilgrimm is 80th level, the shoulders will be 210 armor. Just not when he's 48th. And of course by the time he's 80th he'll have something much better than that, anyway.


...but I continued adventuring with Amaleni, and finally got her over 4k gold, and immediately went and got artisan flying. Now I can ride my bronze dragon, which "is a very fast mount".

I had 11 GP and change left after that; I dumped it in the guild bank. Amaleni's got to go do some questing again; she's broke.

The stone keeper's shards you get from instances can only be spent in Wintergrasp, so it's not like I screwed myself--and the only really good stuff they have for sale there are jewelcrafting recipes, anyway. The BoA stuff is okay but not spectacular, particularly since it scales to the character level; the stuff you get for turning in emblems is better.

* * *

I have around 950 units on my cell phone and I have to buy airtime to keep my number. 950 units is fifteen hours of talk time if I use them in my home area. It's 7.5 hours if I use them elsewhere.

Well? Every third month I buy a 60 minute airtime card, which adds 60 units and ninety days of service. Every once in a while TracFone gives me bonus time which I neither asked for nor entered a code for. I don't use the thing, and the minutes roll over, so they accumulate.

I have to get a life.

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