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#2153: In other news, the fox reports that the security of the hen house is perfect.

The Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, the place which was home to "ClimateGate", has been cleared of all charges of wrongdoing by people who support AGW.

* * *

Give these asshats the "parents of the year" award now. Their child is in the NICU at University of Florida, and they're getting drunk, taking LSD, and brawling.

Oh my God. There is so much FAIL rolling off this story it's about to make my beard bleed.

* * *

The only "memorial service" a goose needs is to be slow-roasted in an oven for several hours.

Damn it. Every time I see geese by the various ponds around here, I think, "Lunch, dinner, lunch, dinner...." They're game birds.

The birds being "memorialized" were gassed with carbon dioxide, so the meat was still edible after the birds were euthanized. As far as I'm concerned, this is win-win.

* * *

The Record-Monitor is an amalgam of two weekly papers, the Crete Record and the Monee Monitor (and a couple others besides) and it comes out every week on Thursday. Today's has an article about a couple of asshats who are not doing the Second Amendment any favors.

First: except for certain special circumstances, you're not allowed to fire a gun within 300 yards of a residence. These two morons were practicing their shooting, which is not one of the special circumstances.

Second: the idiots were wearing bulletproof vests while shooting. WTF? Gamerfag much?

Third: a couple of the bullets they fired hit a house two thousand feet away, which is why they got in trouble. If the bullets had hit the occupants of that house, they'd be facing some mighty stiff charges--much stiffer than "unlawful discharge of a firearm".

The article doesn't explain where the shooters were in relation to the house which was hit by their bullets, other than to mention the distance, so I have no idea what sort of backstop the dipshits had for their target practice nor whether or not they even used one.

What I do know is that if you're going to shoot outdoors, you need to make sure your bullets don't leave the range. This isn't just to keep yourself from getting arrested; it's because the last thing you want to have on your conscience is accidentally killing someone's kid because you didn't stop to think about what you were doing.

IMHO, an earthen berm no less than 8 feet tall is the minimum backstop for outdoor shooting. And taller is better.

It is possible they were using a good solid backstop and the bullets merely ricocheted. I can see a bullet striking earth at such an angle that it would skip off into a more vertical trajectory, rather than be stopped. But--again--if you're shooting at a berm which allows that to happen, you don't have a backstop for your bullets.

Even if they were using a proper backstop, it still doesn't change the fact that they were less than nine hundred feet from the nearest residence. They broke the law.


* * *

Speaking of dickheads, noted global warming alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio apparently thinks it's fine if he takes a private jet to South Africa to watch a soccer game so long as he drives a hybrid car to the airport.

...or something like that.

* * *

Og has a solution for the oil well leak and it sounds like it might work.

I don't know how easy it would be to put such a thing in place when the leak is in 5,000 feet of water, though. It would be very easy to install if the leak were on dry land, but if the leak were on dry land it would already have been capped months ago anyway.

* * *

Pot brownies okay, soda NO. My Dad was a big advocate of having the Marine Corps saw California off the continent and sink it in the Pacific.

I'm just about to the point of turning into an evil megalomaniac just long enough to invent a saw which would let them do it.

* * *

"10 signs you might be a gearhead"--how many of these fit me?

#10, yes. #9, yes. #8, not yet, but I haven't needed one. #7, yes. #6, yes. #5, yes. #4, haven't needed to. #3, no, and probably won't. #2, yes. #1, no, surprisingly.

Six definite "yes" and one "maybe", and the rest are "no". So that's seven out of ten. if I didn't already know that.

But there was no family member who was into cars and taught me how to do it. Dad could fix his own cars but rarely did; once he replaced a fuel pump, which impressed me, but he never did anything more complicated than that and frequently didn't do that much.

No, I got into fixing cars because I was a broke teenager who wanted wheels. When my '75 needed a new alternator, if I didn't replace it myself it wouldn't get replaced. (Dad would pay for parts; not for labor. Even in 1985 shops cost money. So I could get the alternator from Trak Auto for $20, but I had to install it myself. And I even had to reuse the old belt.)

And of course once I realized how much I enjoy fixing things, that was the end of my life of sanity and clean hands.

* * *

This smells bad. Motorcycle journalist writes a piece critical of helmets, and gets fired for it. He has evidence that advertising dollars were the reason. Hmm....

* * *

AP wants people to pay for quoting their stuff, and W00t! is having some fun with this policy.

* * *

Apparently Kim Jong-il walked "out from his mother's Patriotic and Revolutionary Vagina". What the hell, at least he didn't march out. And after only three months of gestation!

That's gotta be some huge vagina if even a normal baby can walk out of it. To say nothing of it being "Patriotic and Revolutionary". How does a vagina manage that? Does it read Marx and listen to marches?

I'd love to know the actual source for this. Damn, that's funny.

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