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#2156: Whoops.

This Friday afternoon I had to take Mom to yet another doctor appointment. And on the way home we saw that the next street over from ours was blocked off, with police and ambulances and all sorts of fooraw.

I couldn't see anything from the intersection so we drove home, and then I walked out to the "East 40"--the vacant lot attached to our property, and which needs mowing soon--to see what was going on.

Turns out a garbage truck snagged a power line.

I don't know if the guy was operating the lift bucket and didn't check for wires overhead, or if he was driving with the bucket up, or what; all I know was what I could see from about 400 feet away. The power line was snagged on something attached to the truck over the cab.

The woman who owns the house on the north side of the "East 40" told me that she'd heard a loud "boom" and her power had gone out. The "boom" was probably the line fuses blowing.

I went out at midnight to get a couple McChicken, and saw that the power company was still working on the poles and lines near the accident site. There were sounds of a jackhammer and the lines that cross the road were carefully coiled against one pole, but I really couldn't see what they were doing.

Still, it's unusual for something like that to happen. I really hope the guy operating the truck wasn't hurt.

* * *

I just watched some anime from the playlist, and I ended up watching four episodes of Kimi ni Todoke. Four.

I watched the last three eps of Big O, then an ep each of Petite Princess Yucie and ChuBra!, and then eps 2-5 of Kimi ni Todoke. I just kept adding episodes, wanting to see what happened next.

I made myself watch ep 2 of K-ON!! before watching ep 6 of KnT. And then, about a third of the way through the episode, the player freaked out and started showing video at about 5x the normal speed with the audio at regular speed, and the player stopped responding to keyboard commands so I couldn't stop it.

I was worried the AVI was corrupt. I rebooted the computer and learned, to my relief, that it wasn't; after the reboot the episode played properly and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Damn it this series is good. The story arc in eps 3-6 is a bit (or maybe more than a bit) angsty, but the characters are so completely three-dimensional that it all makes perfect sense. It's not just crying for the sake of having people crying because that's what shoujo anime is supposed to contain. ("Now cry.") It all happens for logical and realistic reasons, and the crying happens because that's how people actually react to those kinds of situations.

There is no contrivance in this series, at least not so far; and in the middle of ep 5 I had to go effuse to Mom (who happened to be awake) about how fricking good this series is because I was just so damned impressed with how well-written it is.

It's probable that I identify with Sawako more strongly than most people, which may be why I like this series so much, but everything I've seen of it has been made of case-hardened awesome.

In my own manga efforts--specifically Megumi's Diary and Chicory--the sort of tone that KnT has is what I shoot for (and miss, because as a manga artist, well, I'm a pretty good writer). KnT is what I would like these two stories to be like, which is another reason I like KnT so much. (The soundtrack for KnT is similar to what I'd want if either series were animated, particularly Chicory, but the only way my stuff will ever be animated is if I learn to draw well enough to animate it myself. Do not hold your breath.)

Once I get the Aluratek, I'm going to want to look up the manga and see if I can't DL a scanlation. It's probably too much to hope for that this would be in commercial release; and "why don't you check, anus?"

Survey says YES! "Go buy the Viz translation you great southern pillock!" Hurray!

Even better, it's in current release which means I might actually be able to buy a volume or two from Border's. Guess I'm going to the bookstore today....

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