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#2160: The Monday Doozie

I have a metric Jesus load of links today. (A "Jesus load" is any burden which leads you to say, "Jesus!")

* * *

Switzerland gives asylum to convicted child molestor. That's right: Switzerland is going to let Roman Polansky hide from paying his debt to society for raping a 14-year-old girl.

* * *

From the "OMG what a freaking surprise this is" category: Happy workers are more productive. You don't say. Holy shit! Them scientists are so damn smart! I wish I was that smart!

* * *


That old myth that women don't like pron seems to be incorrect. That's all I can say.

Well, no--I thought this kind of thing only happened to older men, not women in their 30s.


* * *

Obama throws yet another person under the bus because this idea of making NASA into a muslim outreach program is incredibly fat-headed.

* * *

Obamanomics--otherwise known as "typical Democrat tax-and-spend"--is failing miserably, and just about everyone to the right of Joe Lieberman knows it.

* * *

Obama appointed a debt commission to figure out how to fix the massive federal deficit. But you can expect Obama and the Democrat Regime to completely ignore all recommendations which may bring about a better economy, because those recommendations decrease the power of the federal government.

Francis Porretto goes into detail and it's a really good read, as always.

Obama's 2011 budget spends $7.2 billion per minute. It can really only afford to spend about $5 billion per minute. This means the Democrat Regime is spending $1.50 for every dollar the federal government takes in as revenue.

Expect that the Democrats will want tax increases, because they think Arthur Laffer is a spoon salesman, not an economist. This will lower, rather than raise, government revenue, and the whole problem will get worse.

Boortz comments on the debt commission Obama himself appointed.

* * *

Democrat vote fraud may have put Franken in the Senate. Wha--? You've got to be kidding me! That's impossible!

...I wish it were. *sigh*

* * *

Changing a tampon while driving and not getting into a wreck is more of an indicator of luck than skill.


* * *

Lots of neat cars at the cruise night tonight, including the candy apple red Merc hot rod I've seen rumbling around from time to time. The usual hot rod things have been done: frenched headlights and antennas, shaved door handles, shaved taillights (moved to rear bumper), chopped, channeled, etc.

I didn't look at the driver's door but the passenger's door had noticeable waves in it. There were some paint chips around the edges of some panels. The french jobs were perfect. Not a 100-point car but a really nice hot rod for cruising.

* * *

I really want to do something fun again. Now that I've recovered from the last bout of fun.

Maybe I'm addicted.

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