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#2163: They shouldn't be getting it in the first place!

Let me fix that title for you: "{Criminal Aliens] lose government food aid.

They're not "immigrants". An immigrant is someone who's got an immigrant visa. These are people who are in the country illegally, without papers, without permission, in violation of federal laws.

* * *

The debt crisis fast approaches. Trillions of borrowed dollars must either be paid back or rolled over into new loans. Either way, it spells trouble, particularly for the European socialisms.

The writer seems to think that a European debt crisis won't have any effect on the United States. I love how these asshats all talk about "the global economy" and "the global community" until something bad is going to happen to us because of 70 years of European socialism. We can't take on terror-sponsoring nations without permission from Europe because "we're all connected" but the instant something bad may shake out from it, oh, "the United States is insulated from that" or some crap.

* * *

Two links of Boortz today:

He reminds us that muslims like to build mosques on the sites of their conquests. The World Trade Center is one of those.


All the left has is "racism!" And they're going to pound us with it for the next five months.

It's all they can do. They make stuff up because the facts don't support them.

* * *

The left won't be able to understand that this is why Obama is unpopular.

* * *

Another good post from the Anchoress.
Does it matter at all to Ms. McDowell et al. that the rare racist behavior exhibited at any conservative/libertarian gathering is explicitly condemned by the vast majority of tea partiers, and so the repudiation she seeks is already a reality?
Not if the press lets them get away with it.

* * *

Leftists commit a large variety of terror attacks. They harass servicemen. They beat minorities. They vandalize property. They intimidate workers. They advocate the extinction of mankind!

...I thought I'd try my hand at a liberal-style characterization of the left in the United States, but unfortunately everything I wrote there is 100% true. The only falsehood was to make it seem as if all leftists do the same things.

That's what the NAACP is doing: it's doing its best to make it sound like all members of the TEA partiers are racists because of one or two bad eggs (who were probably only present to spout their racist shit in the first place, to give groups like NAACP something to hit with).

It would be nice if someone would expose the left's tactics to the general American public. Maybe that way some people would realize, "Hey...wait a minute!" and wise up to the fact that the left always lies because it cannot afford to tell the truth.

* * *

The left thought they could discount Chris Christie as being fat, loud, and obnoxious.

It's always good for America when the left underestimates people on our side.

* * *

Wake the f**k up, people; she's PACIFIC ISLANDER, not black. I don't get these idiots who contend that Michelle Malkin is black. She's not; and it's manifestly apparent that she's not to anyone who doesn't look at race through racist eyes.

She's Filipino; both of her parents are Filipino (naturalized citizens of the US) and there is quite a lot of variation in the skin tone of any race. She's perhaps darker than average for Filipino--or asians in general--but that still doesn't make her black any more than Gordon Lightfoot's afro makes him black.

Race is not a social construct. "Blacks" are negroid. "Asians" are mongoloid. "Whites" are caucasoid. Live with it, dickhats.

* * *
WeerdBeard learns what it sounds like when a line fuse blows.

* * *

When your $300,000 car with a manual transmission and "hard" ignition switch gets a stuck throttle, instead of doing donuts in a parking lot until you lose control and drive into a pond, why not--I don't know--shove in the clutch and turn off the ignition?

This isn't a Toyota with a computerized "Start" button and an auto tranmission which won't shift to neutral above a certain speed. This is a car with an ignition switch that'll kill the power to the engine once you turn it the right way, and it's got a manual transmission with a clutch pedal so it's exceedingly simple to stab that clutch pedal and regain control of your car.

Instead of, you know, ending up driving the thing into a lake.

YES the engine will race out of control, possibly damaging it. Would you rather rebuild your engine or DUNK THE ENTIRE CAR INTO A FREAKING POND?


* * *

Like an idiot, I've started thinking seriously about putting a trailer hitch on the Jeep.

The receiver will run about $165, it seems. Advance has these Class III/IV and Class II receivers which are both about that price, yet one is of greater capacity.

The Class II hitch (which is probably all I really need) does not require any drilling, which is a point in its favor; but the other hitch boasts a higher capacity. (But do I really need it?)

None of this includes the wiring kit, which of course will be extra, but which I don't need for putting a motorcycle on a cargo platform. (I just need to spend another $170 on the cargo platform....) I suppose I ought to ask the local shop what they'd charge for a Class II hitch, installed, but I think I'd rather install it myself anyway. I just don't know.

Mom thinks my idea is just and fair, and wants to do it. I think she worries that I'm not having any fun. Me, I'm not so sure about it. *sigh*

* * *

Alan Caruba talks about Bisphenol A scaremongering.

I'm not worried about BPA the same way I'm not worried about 50,000,000 other food crises which have cropped up continuously since 1975. Just because something has a scary scientificy-sounding name it does not mean you will get cancer from it.

Nor is it likely to turn you into a girl (or boy) nor to make your gonads shrivel up into prunes nor to turn you into Mr. Magoo. In fact, 99.99999999999999999999999999% of the time, nothing happens at all because the people who make all these things test the crap out of them before they get anywhere near the consumer.

Unless, of course, you happen to be a lab rat given about 40,000 times the typical human lifetime dose of whatever the chemical in question is. Then you might notice an adverse effect from it.


* * *

I think it was Pixy Misa who pointed me at Kimi ni Todoke.

Spoiler-laden review of ep 6 of the series which was the terminal ep of my big 4-ep binge the other night. It was all leading to that and I could not stop watching until I saw the end of the arc.

Most of the text is fine print; you can just go look at the art. The entire series looks like this. It is simply gorgeous.

Thanks, Pixy.

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