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#2164: It gets people to talking, though, doesn't it?

The liberals have their panties in a bunch because someone dared tell the truth about Obama.

A group of Iowans put up a billboard similar to this image:

The image does not say that Hitler=Obama=Lenin; what it does show the connection his politics have with those of murderous thugs, which--I am not at all sorry to inform the liberals!--it most assuredly does. (Liberals know it. They would not be so angry about this if it were not true.)

Awesome--and it's proof that our side actually has a backbone. Pity it's in the grassroots and not in D.C.

* * *

Apparently the government wants BP to delay testing the efficacy of its new cap on the leaking oil well down in the Gulf, because it might fail.

Ah, it's the Homer Simpson school of philosophy: "Remember, son: never try. Trying is your first step towards failure!"

* * *

Over at they encapsulated Obama's new HIV plan in a way that was incredibly more pithy than my own:

"Obamas new AIDS plan: Stop getting it" [SIC] goes the link text. Yeah.

* * *

Ann Coulter on the selective enforcement of laws: "If Obama thinks there's a conflict [between Arizona's and the federal government's immigration laws], I believe he's made a damning admission. There's a conflict only if the official policy of the federal government is to ignore its own immigration laws."


* * *

Although I support the general thrust of the technology represented by the iPhone, I do not support the iPhone itself; I think it's needlessly expensive, and crippled by Apple corporate policies. I don't like Apple as a company, because of how they treat the consumer ("We'll be glad to rent this to you but we get to decide what programs you can buy for it." Etc.) and because some of the things they do border on insane. (A glass case for a cell phone? Really?)

This idiocy with the G4 version's antenna--how does something like that get through all the engineering tests? It's a case of the stylists winning over making a product that works the way its supposed to work every time it's used.

Apple's corporate design philosophy is based on the work of the guy (name forgotten) who designed a lot of iconic appliances for Braun in the 1960s. But I bet that guy designed stuff that worked no matter how you touched it.

* * *

NewsWeak has more Obama apologista nonsense going on here.
Obama inherited a big mess, and people are frustrated that he hasn’t fixed the economy. Counseling patience together with a show of resolve and determination helped President Reagan weather the storm in his first midterm election under conditions remarkably similar to today. Unemployment stood at 10.8 percent when voters went to the polls in November 1982, and Reagan’s numbers were 49-47, almost identical to Obama’s (50-47).

One key difference: Obama hasn’t done as good a job as Reagan of blaming his predecessor. Jimmy Carter for years served as the GOP’s version of Herbert Hoover while Obama let George W. Bush slip away into the ether, a former president so invisible that he might as well be in a witness-protection program. Bush’s upcoming book, Decision Points, won’t be released until a week after the November election, reinforcing the GOP’s decision to keep the unpopular president out of the mix in the midterms.
There is more than one "key difference" between Obama and Reagan.

1) Reagan had executive experience when he was elected President. He'd been governor of California for how long? Obama had none when he was sworn in. He'd never done anything but run for office!

2) Reagan was a strong President, a charismatic leader, and an excellent public speaker without a teleprompter and it was obvious to all and sundry by July of 1982. Obama is none of these. He's weak; he's got no charisma; and if you take away his teleprompter, um, uh, he's, um, he's reduced to a, uh, um, stammering--a stammering wreck who, um, can't go more than a few words without having, uh, to pause to stop to, um, uh, consider, um, choose his words.

3) Obama has done nothing but blame George W. Bush for everything. Every time anything happens which is even remotely bad, Obama and his cronies are out there yelling, "It's Bush's fault!"

Newsweek is such a fatuous load of crap.

* * *

The Anchoress thinks Hillary is going to run in 2012. I wouldn't be surprised. Obama's making a hash of things.

Perhaps that was the strategy all along: put in an incompetent fool and push him hard; then hold up the harridan as the savior of the party?

I don't know. It's too easy to see conspiracies and devilishly difficult actually to implement one. The number of people who'd have to keep their mouths shut is pretty large, and if more than three people know something it's effectively not a secret any longer. There'd be leaks.

However it may be the strategy now, now that everyone is coming to realize what an incompetent boob we have in the White House.

* * *

I haven't read this piece by Steven Den Beste yet but whenever he fires up his text editor and talks about real-world stuff, it's always worth reading.

Ah, the topic sentence: "The Islamists are experts at fouling their own nests." The latter four words are the title of the piece.

* * *

Six days until my Aluratek eReader ships. Not that I'm counting....

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