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#2165: The dictionary needs this picture... to the definition for "complete shithead". What do you reckon he does for a living?

Every time I see someone who's screwed himself up with all that nonsense I just shake my head in disbelief. I mean, what the fuck? Then I start laughing at how incredibly absurd these wastes of protoplasm look.

Hell yes I'm "lookist". When it comes to people with scalp piercings and horn implants? You bet your ass I am. Jesus.

* * *

This spoiler-laden description of ep 13 of Kimi ni Todoke includes a reference to a Something Awful-related meme I've been carrying in my brain for years.

One of the people behind Something Awful published a book called My Tank is Fight and I've used that phrase a few places (mainly as jokes in IRC and such) and no one ever understood it because my humor is complex and no one is telepathic. (The alternate explanation--that my jokes are amazingly lame--has been rejected as unlikely.)

Yet here I am, looking at a page about something completely unrelated to anything on SA, and what do I see?

This caption: "My Sawako is FIGHT! And she didn’t even know she had it in her..."

Heheheh. Someone else who gets the joke. Finally.

As for the series, tonight I watched ep 13 and then just had to watch 14. The "Kurumi" arc isn't done yet but I think 15 will finish it. Then I hope for two more eps like 7 and 8, which I enjoyed so thoroughly (particularly 7) I had a smile on my face the entire time I was watching. 7 and 8 were stop bits between the "evil rumors" and "Kurumi" arcs, meant to give the viewer some happy time before the drama restarted.

* * *

"Stop bits": in an asynchronous transfer protocol (such as RS-232, one of the most common) each byte of data is transmitted in a set format. This format will include start bits, the data, parity (error checking) bits, and stop bits. The stop bits are there to tell the receiving unit that the transmission of a particular character has come to an end. Thus an eight-bit byte can actually require as much as eleven or twelve bits to transmit; the extra is known as "overhead" for obvious reasons.

Dang but it's been a long-ass time since I've had to worry about this. Remember when you had to manually set switches on your modem to configure the right data format? Because your modem wouldn't connect if you had even one of these parameters wrong, Bulletin Board Systems often published their data settings with their phone numbers. "2400 8n1" meant 2400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. (If you didn't know what that meant, you had no business mucking around with a modem anyway. It was that complicated.)

Then they started setting those parameters in software, and soon the whole damn modem was run off the computer's CPU--and now most people use broadband, so it no longer matters.

It's inevitable that as a technology matures it moves away from requiring the user to tinker with the guts of the hardware like that. I for damn sure couldn't get the best performance out of a stock Ford Model A, not when the timing advance on those things is controlled by a knob in the center of the steering wheel. (The centrifugal advance distributor? Ha, it hadn't been invented yet.) Aircraft originally lacked things like brakes and throttle (some planes you landed by intermittently shutting off the engine) and telephony required that you tell on operator--who made connections using plugs and wires--who you wanted to call. When you wanted to make a good-sounding portable copy of the latest hits from Styx, you had to know how to set the recording level on a cassette deck that you had to know how to patch into your amplifier yourself, because there was no "Geek Squad" to do it for you; you couldn't just download an MP3 for $1 and listen to it on your iPod.

So my reference to "stop bits" just shows how far we've come. Or something.

* * *

Having finally gotten the last few eps of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun I've put it back into the playlist, and it's still good stuff. I'm glad that Kiyama-sensei came back into the story, because I love that character to pieces even if she is kind of a bad guy. (She's certainly much nicer than the woman she's up against right now, the one from MRA.)

So I'm down to the last ep, which I'll probably get around to seeing early tomorrow morning at about the same time I saw ep 23 today. *sigh*

* * *

My Aluratek ships in 5 days--not that I'm counting--which means I can probably expect it to arrive here in eight to ten.

I suppose this means I should go buy a couple of SD cards and start trans-formatting things I want to read on it, but I'm a little worried about something.

You see, my MP3 player takes SD cards--not bad for a $23 unit--but it has a little quirk: it plays the files in the order they were copied to the card. This isn't really a problem except that Windows doesn't copy files in alphabetical order but the order in which they're written to the directory--so if the track order on your hard drive goes 05 01 04 02 03 and you just select the tracks and copy them to the SD card, when you go to listen to the music the player will start with 05 and go through the list from there.

My worry: after copying literal hundreds of pages of Futari Ecchi to an SD card, the reader will present them out-of-order because of this little foible. But how the hell do I copy them to the SD card in alpha order without doing it one-at-a-time? (As I have to do with MP3s?)

This is why I don't want to start the trans-formatting until I've got the unit: because I don't want to dump everything to cards and then discover I have to do it all over again.

Thus I wait. Another week, at least. *sigh*

(I say "trans-formatting" and not "copying" because some of the things I wish to view on the unit are in incompatible formats. The thing can display JPGs; I don't know if it can handle PNGs.)* *

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