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#2166: My God, it was almost EXACTLY THE SAME!

The Iowa billboard looks almost exactly like that image!

The only real differences are 1) that the word "change" under Lenin isn't in Cyrillic; and 2) that they correctly said "Democrat Socialism" rather than "Democratic Socialism", as socialism is rarely democratic in its implementation but the Democrat Party is interested in implementing it here.


* * *

The retirement age is going up! That's right: step one on the "save social security without privatization" checklist is to raise the retirement age.

I expect that by the time I'm old enough to retire (by today's standards) the official retirement age will be comfortably beyond my natural life expectancy. Politicians can not do anything else, because every other method of fixing SS will involve either politically unpopular actions or things which the government cannot condone. (Raising taxes prohibitively; privatization, whole or in part; letting the program fail or be shut down; etc.)

* * *

Woman who declined to draw Mohammed is marked for death by islamic barbarians.

Here's what she said: "Fight for the right to draw Mohammed, then decline doing so."

Threaten someone who advocates respect for your edicts. Yeah, that's sound strategy.

Just when I think islam can't get any more savage and insane, they go and surprise me.

* * *

Harry Reid is living in a dream world or else he thinks everyone else is so stupid they can't check statistics.

I'm telling you: Democrats want illegal immigration because illegals can be made into citizens (via amnesty) who then vote Democrat. Any time there is a law proposed to make illegal immigration harder, Democrats oppose it. Any time there is a law proposed to make illegal voting harder, Democrats oppose it. Democrats want illegal immigration and they want vote fraud; what more evidence do you need?

* * *

The State of California is on the skids and can't meet its fiscal obligations yet this nonsense is actually being given consideration by its legislative body.

"Oh, this rock has asbestos in it! We can't have that as our state rock!"


Why the glowing green irradiated hell does any state need a "state rock"? This is stupid. A state flower, okay; a state bird, ehh, well, whatev. But when you start getting around to having a state rock you're pushing it.

* * *

Socialized medicine horror story from North Korea. Yeah.

* * *

Are you better off than you were four years ago?


* * *

This idiot thinks that the only method of deficit reduction is to raise taxes.

Liberals lie to make deficits all the fault of conservatives, and he does it very well here:
1) There have been two presidents who were members of the modern conservative movement, Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, and they both presided over massive increases in both present and projected deficits.

2) The major deficit reduction packages of the modern era, in 1990 and 1993, were both uniformly opposed by the conservative movement.

3) When the deficit was temporarily eliminated in the late-1990s, the mainstream conservative view was that this showed that the deficit was too low and needed to be increased via large tax cuts.

4) Senator Mitch McConnell says it’s a uniform view in his caucus that tax cuts needn’t be offset by other changes in spending.

5) The deficit reduction commission is having trouble because they think conservative politicians won’t vote for any form of tax increase.
So let's deal with his lies in order.

1) Both Reagan and Bush (41) were President when the Democrats contolled Congress. Reagan championed tax cuts which managed to pass despite heavy Democrat opposition, and this is what led to the incredible economic expansion of the 1980s. It was derisively called "Reaganomics", at least until it started working and the federal government found it needed front end loaders to deal with all the revenue it was taking in.

At the same time, however, the Democrat Party was spending $1.50 for every new dollar in taxes the government took in. They presented Reagan with a 1,500 page budget scant hours before the government was to shut down due to lack of funding. Reagan's choice was to let the government shut down or to sign. He signed. This is why they say the deficits of the 80s are "Reagan's fault".

2) "The major deficit reduction packages of the modern era, in 1990 and 1993, were both uniformly opposed by the conservative movement." They were uniformly opposed by the conservative movement because they were massive tax increases. There were no spending cuts involved; it was pure Democrat tax-and-spend. The 1990 tax increase was the largest-ever in US history, until the 1993 one was passed...and then it was the largest-ever tax increase in US history. (Until ObamaCare.)

3) What happened in 1994 which might have caused this temporary elimination of the deficit? Wait, didn't something happen to the makeup of Congress...? Oh no.

4) I had no idea that Mitch McConnell was in charge of the entire conservative caucus. This is a fatuous argument.

5) Conservative politicians--true conservatives--will recognize that taxes are already too goddamned high; damn right they won't vote for tax increases. Live with it, piss-head.

The common liberal view is that taxation is the only way to eliminate a deficit. There is never any room for cutting spending; even a reduction in the rate of growth is viewed only as a measure of last resort. But "Reaganomics" pretty well proved the value of the Laffer Curve in the 1980s, and we are well into the part of the curve where additional taxes stifle economic growth and actually reduce the income of government. People do their best to avoid confiscatory taxes, and anything attached to the taxed activity will wither as a result.

I think it's Dennis who consistently pounds Matthew Inglesias on being a complete liberal moron. This is the first time I've read something by him, and I see why Dennis treats him with such contempt.

* * *

Ever since Charles Krauthammer used the word "fatuous" to describe Obama's "National Aeronautics and Muslim Outreach Agency" (NAMOA) policy, I've wanted to use that word far too much. What a wonderfully insulting word it is.

* * *

That supercharger is bigger than my Escort's entire engine. And it's not a photoshop.


LOL: "After custom fabricating intake manifolds, a special order supercharger belt, and quite a lot of tinkering, the engine actually fired up and when Mike blipped the throttle, he blew both head gaskets immediately." That's damn funny.

I have to wonder how slow you'd have to run the supercharger, and how low your compression ratio would have to be, in order to run that supercharger on a car. Crap, that's a lot of supercharger; it's as big as the engine it's feeding!

* * *

Pity this article on driving a Model T wasn't up yesterday when I was talking about how the maturation of a technology renders it simpler in use. Oh well.

* * *

It was unbelievably hot today, and it's no surprise considering how warm it was in the wee hours of the morning. And it looks like more of the same tomorrow, though right now it's cooler than it was 24 hours ago.

* * *

I don't know what the hell is up with Og's site but he's got some kind of annoying survey thing going on that screws up the loading of his page. He linked a way to opt out of it but it hasn't fixed my problem seeing his page. Someone tell him for me.

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