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#2167: Damn Netscape to eternal perdition.

While waiting for an assload of torrents to finish DLing, I had a look at my "installed software" and decided I'd get rid of stuff I don't use.

Netscape. I haven't used Netscape in how long...? I don't even remember. Somewhere 'way down in in the deepest, dankest, dustiest vault of the Fungus archives there is a post which mentions it; but I'm too lazy to go looking for it right now.

Netscape's support stopped in March of some recent year, and the announcement of its demise prompted me to switch to Mozilla Firefox. But I never got around to uninstalling it...until today.

...and I'll be switched if the damn computer isn't responding faster now.

Prior to the uninstall, whenever I wanted to open a text file the thing would sit and chew over the command for a bit before opening Notepad (Notepad!) and displaying the file. Now the instant I double-click, poof, it's there.

I also uninstalled some other stuff I don't use and--in one case--never wanted installed in the first place.

How that miserable Google Toolbar got installed is anyone's guess. Whenever I install anything, if it asks me if I want Google Toolbar installed I waste time looking for the "fuck no" button. They never give me that option; usually I have to settle for unchecking a check box, which isn't nearly as satisfying.

Anyway, seeing that somehow Google sneaked one in, I crushed it with the thoroughness one normally reserves for a black widow spider. Ain't no Google Toolbar allowed on this system.

I have no idea what it even does; nor do I care. What I do care about is having the absolute bare minimum of shit running in the background. So I've got the anti-virus, the anti-malware, the printer handler, the video card control panel, and the UPS applet running--and that is it. No toolbars, no gadgets, not even the WinAmp quickstart. The absolute bare minimum, because some programs don't play nice with others and I don't feel like wasting time sorting through a huge pile of crapware to figure out why I suddenly can't open a TXT file with Notepad but have to use "SuperBloatWare NoteXPAD" instead. If I need to do a Google search, Firefox will do handily. WTF, if I do a search with the toolbar it has to invoke a browser anyway, doesn't it? To display the results? Fuck that shit.

Anyway, I cleared off stuff I'm not going to use; and I even ran "disk cleanup" and freed up some disk space. Now I feel better.

* * *

Finally finished To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, and damn. Good story. I really liked it. (Ruiko Saten with a baseball bat FTW.)

* * *

I should have known that B Gata H Kei stands for "B-cup Slut" but somewhere in the noise the translation got lost. Yamada is not much of a slut considering that six eps in she's still working on attaining her first conquest (out of her goal of a hundred) and she's already a second-year high school student....

Ep 6 contained a moment which made me laugh so hard I had to stop the playback to laugh, and then rewind it a bit so I could see what I missed. OMG that was so damned funny, I nearly busted every gut God gave me laughing at it. This series is definitely a hell of a lot better than I thought it would be; I'm glad I gave it a chance.

* * *

Here's a list of series I finished DLing today:
Arakawa Under The Bridge
B Gata H kei
Mayoi Neko Overrun!
At least, I think I did. They all got to ep 12-13-14, anyway. I'm already watching K-ON!! and B Gata but the others I'm holding in reserve until the playlist gets a bit more depleted.

I'm thinking I'll run To Aru Majutsu no Index in the place of Railgun, and I notice that I got Zettai Karen Children sometime after hearing what Steven Den Beste thought of it, so I'll have to include that, too, I guess.

Of late I've just been running dailies and randoms on Amaleni, and then logging off and watching anime. I've watched more anime in the last week than the prior three months combined.

I want to hit the random heroic and the jewelcrafting daily at a minimum, because the random generates emblems, which is how Amaleni will buy better gear; and the JC daily gives "Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Tokens" which can be exchanged for epic gems and recipes. Ama's JC skill is 420, and I have only 30 points to go before maxing it.

(Until Cataclysm comes out in November, of course.)

I'm just getting a little worn out on WoW. I played it a lot through May and June. Once I've taken a bit of a breather from it, I'll jump back in with both feet.

* * *

There are now four days remaining until my Aluratek eReader ships. (Now I'm counting.) I think I'm looking forward to this as much as Christmas.

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