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#2172: WoW stuff (and whatever else catches my fancy)

Having a hankering for lowbie stuff, I made a Horde alt over on Galakrond. This is a female orc warrior named "Erogami".

"Erogami" is Japanese for "sex goddess". I got it from B Gata H Kei. I did this on purpose because female orcs are so ugly....

So I've been running around Durotar doing lowbie Horde quests, and I've already made a heck of a warrior. Level 11 in about four hours of play time (started Erogami Friday night) and I can take on mobs of critters without dying.

Oddly enough I found this a lot less frustrating than running Amaleni around. I don't get it.

* * *

The concept of the orc brothel is one I dredge up once in a while to make jokes with/about. One time I was running Ormus or Amaleni or someone, and a fellow guildie complained, "Damn it! I'm diseased!"

My reply: "Visited the orc brothel again, did you?"

Stuff like that amuses me.

* * *

Volume 5 of Kimi ni Todoke comes out in the first week of August. I think I'll order it from Robert's Anime Corner Store instead of going to Border's. I think, in fact, I'm done buying manga at Border's, because they have a stupid corporate policy which puts their payroll expenses ahead of customer service.

Once I get the Aluratek I think I'm done with those assholes. And I'm only keeping that order in because the shipped price from them is much lower than anyone else's price for the thing.

* * *

No, Amazon's ebook readers are more expensive. So are many of the others on the market.

* * *

...I've read volumes 1-3 of KnT already. I just started volume 4 before I set out to buy McNuggets last night. Argh etc.

Looks like volume 4 runs right up to where I am in the anime, so there won't be any spoilers.

The anime, though, finally managed to disappoint me: ep 16 was a recap episode. I hate recap episodes with a passion. (I understand that when the show was originally broadcast, ep 16 was shown at the end of the fourth month of the run, but do you really need a recap episode in a 26-episode series?)

The same session with that ep in it contained the first ep of To Aru Majutsu no Index, and it's pretty good stuff, as expected.

* * *

So today is Sunday, and the Aluratek is supposed to ship on Tuesday. Seems like it's been months since I ordered it--oh wait! It has!


Mom's got more doc appointments this week, including a doozie on Friday; the urologist is going to scope her bladder which will take approximately all morning. (Arrive at hospital: 6:30 AM. Expect her to be done "by noon".) It'd be nice if I had the ereader by then.

* * *

I remember similar nonsense to this was percolating through the blogosphere, but I never saw this particular story until just now.

I'd swear this is the same story about the brain-dead woman who took an advanced degree in the "international human rights and welfare" field and now cannot find a job in her discipline. The letter published in the article mentions she graduated in 2007, so it's possible it is the same person.

Either way: if you take a degree in some ludicrous discipline which produces only blather and propaganda, and you're not from the Ivy League, you can expect to serve lattes down at Starbucks, because your degree is useless. Hope you had fun in college, because you certainly didn't learn anything useful or valuable while you were studying basketweaving or beetle tracking or WTF-ever it is you study when you've got a Master's degree in "international human rights and welfare" (ie "blithering nonsense").

Actually, the degree is useless even if it comes from Harvard or wherever, but the prestige of the Ivy League is sufficient to make that unimportant. People at the HR offices of the federal government (or think tanks, or lobbyist groups) see "Harvard" or "Yale" or whatev and think, "Oh, we have to hire him!" because they went to those schools themselves.

If you want to be guaranteed a job on graduating you should have a look at what needs doing and train for that. Just as an example, there is a chronic shortage of nurses (RN and LPN) all over the United States and in some areas an RN can make an incredible amount of money...but of course you have to get your hands dirty, and you have to have a strong stomach, and people will expect you to work...rather than sit in a conference room, sipping a frappucino, and discussing strategies for brainstorming opposition to next week's House vote on nuking gay whales for Christ.

Just about every company in the US which is involved in manufacturing anything needs engineers. Then again, few of the people who get advanced degrees in blithering nonsense can handle mathematics (witness how many economists are shocked at "unexpected" economic news) or the notion of universal physical laws which don't care how you voted, so an engineering degree is probably safely beyond their capabilities, even if watered down and spoon-fed to them.

Truck driving: even in this crappy economy I see all kinds of want ads for truck drivers. You can make a shitton of money driving a truck for a living; and as a bonus you're getting paid to travel. You can get an CDL for a miniscule fraction of one year's tuition to a decent university. You won't get a BA or an MA for it, but you also won't have to live with your Mom and Dad and work at the sandwich shop down the street for minimum wage.

Higher education is a good and useful thing in the right hands but our society has overinflated its credential requirements. Do you really need to have a baccalaureate to work as a midlevel store manager? C'mon. Is it really necessary for a guy assembling PCs for $9 an hour to have an associate's degree and be Microsoft certified? Get real.

Does a doctor need lots of high-level training? You bet! Does an engineer become more valuable with a graduate degree? Hell yes. But does the guy running the local Burger King really have to be an MBA? Somehow I doubt it.

People like to say that an advanced degree is a guarantee of success; but it's not. Especially if the advanced degree is in blithering nonsense for which no one has any use.

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