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#2173: A stopped clock is right twice per day.

Nothing proves that adage more than this bit on Biden saying that only the fringe whackos in the TEA parties are racists.

This puts Biden one up on Obama.

* * *

Econazi complains about air conditioning. I wonder if this guy runs the AC at his house and in his car? Or does he do without?

* * *

This story confuses me: People switching to wine capped with metal or plastic screw caps is endangering the forests from where cork is harvested.

Cork suppliers and environmentalists are fighting back claiming the move is threatening the two million hectares of forest across Portugal, Spain, North Africa and Italy which are sustained through industry management.
Oh, I get it: the entire cork industry is at risk because sensible people no longer care if their wine is sealed with a cork or a cap, so we have to make a huge eco-catastrophe out of it in order to force people to use cork.


* * *

What's the difference between a BMW owner and a cactus? With a BMW, the pricks are on the inside.

This guy keeps his 535i--bought used--parked in a garage and has put all of 6000 miles on it since buying it in November, and is complaining that his battery keeps going dead. He wants BMW to replace the battery.

BMW has found nothing wrong with the car; the guy doesn't drive far enough to recharge the battery. Apparently this is a common problem for the 535i. The dealer gave the guy a battery charger as a goodwill gesture.

You know what? I can leave my Escort sitting in my driveway for months and not have to charge the battery before starting it.

Here's what I think:

1) Douchebag bought a used car. It may be "certified" by BMW and come with a warranty, but it's still a used car, and most car warranties don't cover wear components. Sorry to say but batteries do wear out and are therefore considered "consumable" like filters, lubricants, brake pads, wipers, etc. The battery being crappy is therefore his problem, not BMW's.

2) BMW's problem is designing a freaking car that can't recharge its battery quickly. The battery going dead because the car's driven less than 10 miles at a time is utterly inexcusable.

* * *

UNPOSSIBLE! Obama said we're in a recovery! Now the Fed is saying that recovery from the recession could take "six years".

Truth of the matter: there is no recovery and we're still in the recession.
Goldman Sachs said it expects the euro to rise to $1.35 by the end of the year. The yen will appreciate to ¥83, through the pain barrier for most of Japan's big exporters. The new twist is that SAFE, China's $2.4 trillion fund, has begun buying record amounts of Japanese bonds, a shift in reserve allocation away from the dollar.

The signs of a deep and sudden slowdown in the US are becoming ever clearer as the "sugar rush" from the Obama fiscal stimulus wears off and the inventory boost fades. California, Illinois and other states are cutting spending, tightening US fiscal policy by 0.8pc of GDP.

Thursday's plunge in the Philadelphia Fed's July index of new manufacturing orders to –4.3 suggests that the economy may have buckled abruptly, as it did in mid-2008. The Economic Cycle Research Institute's ECRI leading indicator has tumbled, reaching –8.3pc last week. This points to a sharp slowdown or recession within three months.

While US port data looked buoyant in June, the details were troubling. Outbound traffic from Long Beach fell from 139,000 containers in May to 116,000 in June. Shipments from Los Angeles fell from 161,000 to 155,000. This drop in exports is worsening the US trade deficit, eroding the dollar.

The US workforce has shrunk by a 1m over the past two months as discouraged jobless give up the hunt. Retail sales have fallen for the past two months. New homes sales crashed to 300,000 in May after tax credits ran out, the lowest since records began in 1963. Mortgage applications have fallen by 42pc to 13-year low since April. Paul Dales at Capital Economics said the "shadow inventory" of unsold properties has risen to 7.8m. "The double dip in housing has begun," he said.
Not too long ago we were being told that a double dip was "impossible" and that everything was perfectly rosy.

Guess what.

* * *

Pixy embeds a YouTube video of the OP of an obscure anime series called Maicching Machiko-sensei.

There is brief cartoon nudity in that video. If you're at work or around psychopaths who think that any nudity is evil and degrading to women and makes them worry you're gonna unzip and rub one out right there at the computer because you're a porn addict and can't help yourself and you should be fired and sent to jail and get psychotherapy and be put in the sexual predator registry and be drugged into a stupor, then don't watch it. I don't want to be responsible for someone ruining your life because you were caught getting an eyeful of cartoon boobies via the Internet. (U perv.)

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