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#2176: Jeeze-louise I hope I don't have to post again today.

I mean, it's 4 AM as I start this and I've already got three posts up. WTF.

* * *

Sunday I was too upset to be sleepy, so I ended up watching 2x everything on the playlist:
To Aru Majutsu no Index 2-3
B Gata H Kei 8-9
Puchi Puri Yuushi 16-17
Kimi ni Todoke 17-18
K-ON!! 10-11
In order:

Index is really good. It may be better than Railgun was but I won't know that until I've got more eps under my belt. The main character, Touma, is a pretty smart guy and capable (the way he takes out the first magic user he encounters is a perfect example) and makes a good sympathetic leading man.

I also like how the OP is very similar to the first OP from Railgun, only with the elements containing both characters being seen from Touma's viewpoint instead of Mikoto's. That's cool.

B Gata is moving on towards its end, and it looks like Yamada is beginning to figure out how she feels about Kosuda. Considering the title is "B-cup Slut" in English this is a surprisingly non-H show (though there's lots of good fan service) and the plot is excellent.

Yuushi's OP theme song is stuck in my head. Like Steven Den Beste I am beginning to like Glenda more than the other characters. Of them all, so far, Glenda has actually grown the most; she now only makes token jibes at Yucie's apparently lack of maturity ("You're just a kid!" though Glenda is the same age and in the same condition as Yucie) and has become Yucie's fast friend, just like Coocooloo and Elmina.

Ep 17 of KnT was good; ep 18 was fantastic. My cheeks hurt from smiling while watching it, I enjoyed it so much. The story, the animation, the backgrounds, everything. Awesome.

K-ON!! ep 10 centered on Sawa-chan-sensei, and I really liked it. I love it when Sawa-chan shows her metal side, either accidentally or purposefully. Ep 11 was light and amusing but not as good as 10 was.

* * *

...after four hours of anime, though, I had finally calmed down enough that a Xanax would knock me cold, so I did my usual pre-sleep ablutions and went to bed. I slept like a load of lumber, too; I woke up in the early evening long enough to hit the can, but fell asleep again after returning to bed. I didn't even eat anything; if I can sleep when hungry, I need the sleep.

But when I finally woke up for good I needed food, and I went to McDonald's for a Big Mac meal. WTF, I hadn't eaten anything since around 1 PM (and that had been a PBJ). I made sure to drive the Escort since the Jeep is obviously such a gangsta hoopty that it just screams "THIS VEHICLE CONTAINS VIOLENT CRIMINALS!!!!!1111one-one" I don't know if it's the (stock) 15-inch steelies or the aftermarket stereo (which I rarely even turn on) which gives people this impression. Maybe I should put a little yellow rectangle in the back window that says "NO GANGSTAS ON BOARD" or something.

Oh, wait! I know what it is! It's the (factory stock) 2% window tinting which makes me seem like a dangerous violent evil criminal who's out to rob all the closed businesses he drives past! That's what does it!

...I checked out Eagle's Nest Drive, the location of last night's festivities, and noted that there are indeed no signs prohibiting after-hours access to that road. There aren't any "no parking" signs, at least not on the west side.

Got my Big Mac and returned home without incident; then ate my Big Mac and worked on my letter to the editor. Now, this; and when it's done, bed again, because I'm still feeling kind of whipped and Mom and I have errands today, tomorrow, and Friday.

Besides, my eBook reader is supposed to ship tomorrow! Hoody hoo!

* * *

It's been hot enough, and consistently enough, that I now have to turn the thermostat down to get my room to cool off. The rest of the house is perfectly comfortable at about 75°, but my room alone is running 80°. I have to turn the thermostat down two degrees to get my room to cool off; then the AC runs forever, just about, and the rest of the house becomes an ice box.

Mom, being 83 and thin, wears long pants and a freakin' sweater, while I run around in jogging shorts and no shirt. *sigh*

Pity there's no way to mount my window AC in the new windows without screwing something up. If I could do that, we could set the thermostat so that the rest of the house was comfortable for Mom (it could be 90 for all I care) and it'd be nice and cool in my room. AND it would actually cost less, electricity-wise, to do that.

I keep thinking about one of those freestanding units, but they're expensive (on the order of $300) and I don't know if we'd save enough on electricity to make it worthwhile. Maybe if they go on sale....

I recall that last year it wasn't this bad, but we didn't have such a long run of hot days last year, either. It's a warmer summer this time. The dewpoint when I went to bed Sunday afternoon was seventy-eight freaking degrees. Jesus. When it's that high you can slice the air and make sandwiches from it.

* * *

Snigs takes on Twilight. Snigs is awesome.

(I assume the name is "Snigs". I could be wrong, but the title is "Snigs' Spot" and you only put the apostrophe at the end when the word ends with an S. Then again, I am an apostrophe nazi.)

* * *

Saturday morning I had to assemble the trellis for the pepper plants. The upside of all this heat and humidity is that the pepper plants have basically exploded; they grew and sprouted buds which have grown into peppers, and there are more on the way. They're only going to get bigger, so we need someplace to drape them as they do. The planter thing Mom bought for the pepper plants has an optional lattice made of metal rods and plastic connectors, and it took me perhaps 10 minutes to assemble it.

Of the dozen plants she started from seeds, two are flourishing. That's how it goes.

What I have not done in the past week is cut the grass. It's overdue, but damn is it hot outside. Tuesday looks to have the lowest high temp in two or three weeks (83) so I think I'll shoot for Tuesday evening, after Mom's doc appointment.

* * *

We have a couple of catnip plants growing behind the garage. When I think of it, I bring in a couple leaves for my cats. Now they expect it whenever I come in through the back door. *sigh*

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