atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2177: What is this, five posts now?

Man, it's been a busy day.

1) All the bloggeratin'
2) Cut the grass
3) Moved the stuff back to the basement now that the carpet's dry
4) Ran errands

I have a headache and I want a shower, but I decided to bloggerate one more time today before I hit the shower and the sack.

* * *

Alan Caruba laments the world's complete inaction on Iran's nuclear aspirations.

Back up your critical data to optical media.

* * *

I said that ObamaCare represented the single largest tax increase in American history, bar none. And guess what? I was right!

People on the other side of the aisle are realizing that nothing about this law which was promised is true: choices will be limited; care will be rationed; premiums will be high; and the government will set standards of care.

* * *

Raising taxes won't fix America's debt problem. Not when the Regime is spending $1.50 for each dollar of revenue and trying to increase spending even further.

Salient quote: "... in order to pay for all currently scheduled federal spending would require raising both the corporate tax rate and top income tax rate from their current 35% to 88%, the current 25% tax rate for middle-income workers to 63%, and the 10% tax bracket for low-income workers to 25%."

Imagine you make $1,000,000 per year and you do nothing to shelter any of it. In that case, you pay $350,000 in taxes. At the higher rate, you'd pay $880,000 in taxes and keep only $120,000.

Who's going to work his ass off to earn $1 million a year only to have the government take nearly 90% of it? Would you?

Somehow I doubt it. I would not. I would seek an income level which maximized my income that did not involve working mainly for the benefit of the federal government.

* * *

I really want to see this version of Batman Begins, damn it.

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