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#2178: Ship date: today!!!

...theoretically, today is the day Borders ships my Aluratek Libre eBook reader Pro. Theoretically. Just for yucks, let's see what the Border's order status web page says?

Backordered same as it has since I placed the order on June 5. *sigh* But it's early yet. Hopefully I'll get an e-mail later today saying it's been shipped.

* * *

Before I get to the serious nature of this story, let me point out the dangling participle in the article's opening sentence:

"For the second time in four months, a 4-year-old child has died after being struck by a vehicle driving on Volusia County's beaches."

Now, the way that is written, it sounds as if a specific 4-year-old has died twice after being struck by a vehicle. Where the fuck is that paper's goddamned editor?

Here's the right way to construct that sentence: "A 4-year-old child has died after being struck by a vehicle driving on Volusia County's beaches, the second such fatality in four months."

Having read the article, I see that driving is permitted on the beach. This accident--while tragic--is not the result of the legality of driving on the beach, but by a failure on the part of the driver of the truck and the kid's parents.

1) Kid's parents should keep better track of their kid. Sorry, but it's true.
2) Guy driving the pickup truck should have been driving slower and watching more carefully.

That's really about it.

* * *

We are expected to feel sorry for people who grow pot because the de facto legalization of marijuana will change how it's grown and distributed.



In general, I dislike intoxicants. I'm not some rabid health crusader (not with my waistline); I just think it's stupid to drink/smoke/drug yourself into a stupor. (Think about the fact that "stupid" and "stupor" have the same root word.) I think pot is stupid. I think people who smoke that crap are stupid. I think the subculture surrounding it is stupid. But the older I get, the less I care about whether or not it's legal, because there is already so much stupidity in the world a little more isn't going to hurt anything. I'm not going to smoke that crap.

As long as the legalization of pot occurs according to the procedure set in the Constitution (voted on by legislature, signed by executive) I could give a rat's ass whether or not it's legalized.

But the pro-legalization people--most of them--and the people who grow it don't seem to understand that if it's legal, the government will regulate and tax it.

That is the problem the people mentioned in that article have. You see, when you are producing an illegal product, you're already breaking the law; there are no regulations on purity or consistency for you to worry about. You don't have to use OSHA-approved sprinkler systems nor do you have to have your illumination checked by a certified electrician. You can pay people to tend the plants for you, but you don't have to withhold SSI or FICA and you can pay them in cash.

And of course, because of the risk involved, of prosecution and imprisonment, you can charge whatever the market will bear for your product. You get to keep the entirety of whatever money you earn by growing and selling your illegal crop of pot.

But if it's legal, all that changes:
The Oakland City Council on Tuesday will look at licensing four production plants where pot would be grown, packaged and processed into items ranging from baked goods to body oil. Winning applicants would have to pay $211,000 in annual permit fees, carry $2 million worth of liability insurance and be prepared to devote up to 8 percent of gross sales to taxes.
And of course, the people who grow the stuff now illegally don't like this idea. They're afraid that the "mom and pop growers" will be put out of business.

Sorry: if it's a legal product, if there's money to be made on it, businesses will enter the market.

I find it incredibly funny that these people are unhappy with the results of getting what they wanted.

Those pot growers will also have to worry about 1099s because ObamaCare is a federal law which applies to everyone. (Unless, I don't know, California elects to "opt out". HA HA HA! I am a comedy genius!!!)

Celebrate, libertarians! I'm starting to see some sense in the legalization of other drugs! The people who make the stuff now won't be able to make a profit and stop selling the crap, and responsible businesses won't touch stuff like meth and crack because of the liability issues. (Selling a product which can be "instantly addictive" is just begging for a lawsuit, no?)

* * *

Michelle Obama exults in the destruction of the private health care industry. Oh, that's not what she says, but it's what's happening.

* * *

I don't know whether the young man in this video is actually Michael Moore or not. What I do know is Milton Friedman was made of iridium-plated awesome.

Speaking of Michael Moore, it seems he's a plagiarist and a thief. No surprises.

* * *

J.R. Dunn predicts nothing but bad things for Obama. He makes a very good case, too.

* * *

Unions drive down job growth. At least this is true of the private sector; in the government sector employment is way up and heading higher.

We can't afford it, of course, but who cares about little things like deficits and public debt when the machine that prints the money still works?

* * *

In 2008 I predicted that the election of Barack Hussein Obama would be a bad thing for the race pimps and hucksters, and would ruin the efficacy of the charge of "racism!" so often used by the Democrat Party as a bludgeon to get what they want.

My prediction was worded thus:

American left: "The United States is still racist!"
American People: "We elected a black President. STFU."

...and it looks like that's coming to pass.

The NAACP is screaming "racism!" louder than ever, and it looks like it's not getting much traction.

Thomas Sowell describes how the NAACP is throwing around the race card in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

I think this guy is wrong. I think the desperate screams from the NAACP and the Democrats are coming because their race-based strategies are beginning to fail them, and so they're trying to yell louder to offset the loss of efficiency.

I honestly think that's what it is. Martin Luther King Jr would have been very happy to see the things which have happened since his time--blacks in high office, blacks in industry, blacks in the media, and the general acceptance of people regardless of skin color.

I think he would not be happy to see what happened to the black community after his death, though, particularly in the inner city.

* * *

Dayum. Just damn. This is what you can do with a computer and the right software.

...apparently this guy believes that 9/11 was "treason". *rolleyes* "Although the facts and basic human intelligence proves 9/11 was treason, I do not wish to add to the ongoing unwinnable battle for the truth." What an idiot. Proof that you don't need to understand facts to produce interesting artwork. (Somebody tell this anus that a cruise missile is slightly smaller than a jumbo jet? Please?) Is he also going to release a movie contending that the Moon landings were hoaxes?

Still, the videos are impressive, and his "Into Mars Orbit" should actually have happened by now, god damn it.

* * *

I haven't played WoW for a few days now. Don't ask me why; all I've done is to either blog, do chores and errands, or watch anime. When I think about firing up WoW I think, "Eh, later; not now."

Oh well. Do me good to get away from Azeroth for a while and concentrate on other things.

Yesterday was consumed with chores and errands but I'd watched anime before starting on them, so that wasn't an issue. Today I'll wait until after the errands are done. ...but after everything, I had dinner, and then hit the hay like a laser-guided bomb, because I was fain to exhausted.

Dinner was chili dogs, homemade potato salad, and corn-on-the-cob. Oh man did it hit the spot.

I used to buy only Oscar Mayer's hot dogs, but the corner store was out of them the last time we decided to have chili dogs, and I had to buy another kind. Because of that, I've finally found a hot dog I like more: Ball Park Franks Angus Beef hot dogs. They taste good.

Similarly, Hormel chili was always the rule for making chili dogs around here, but--again--Campbell's Chunky Steak Chili was all the corner store had, so I tried it...and I like it better than Hormel.

And around all that, Mom decided to clean one of the fans, and I helped. She washed the grills and the fan blades; I disassembled the motor and cleaned it, relubed the bearings with teflon-impregnated oil, and took steel wool to the motor shaft to clean it where the bearings contact it.

Result: the fan blows so hard it won't stay upright unless braced. But I found a spare foot for it, which fixed that problem.

This is the fan I'd had by my bed, which I had retired because it had stopped moving air efficiently. Take this as a lesson: cat hair clogs fans and makes them horribly inefficient.

I still can't figure out WTF happens to the bearings in these things. They're simple bronze bearings; everything I know about machines tells me the bearings should get looser as they wear, not tighter, so why the hell does the motor shaft get harder to turn? My best theory is that crud builds up on the shaft and inside the bearing; clean that crap out and you restore proper function.

I guess when you get to a certain point the shaft will start rolling around inside the bearing rather than sliding over its inner surface, but you generally get that high-pitched squeal when that happens.

WTF do I know about electric motors anyway? I know than when you supply power, they turn. My education in electronics and similar matters did not include much on the design, construction, and operating theory of electric motors, particularly not AC. Oh well.

* * *

Today it's warm and humid. Again. Not "hot" today; it's cloudy and most of the heat is being reflected back to space by the cloud cover. Nonetheless it's hot in my room, hotter than it was at any time last year.

Last year was an atypically cool summer. This year, we've had weeks on end of typical summer heat and humidity; the house has heat-soaked and the AC can't drive enough cool air into my room to get it below 80° in here. (Unless, of course, I turn the thermostat down and turn the entire rest of the house into an ice box. Mom's already wearing a sweater, for crying out loud.)

* * *

Carter 2.0! Malaise is back!

No shit, Sherlock!

* * *

I've been sitting here for an hour trying to figure out how to end today's post, and I'm not coming up with a damned thing, so I'm just going to say, "That's it!" and go do something else.

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