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#2179: Here are some interesting things I found this afternoon

E-paper is getting cheaper.

The company featured in that article has developed an e-paper which can update in 30 milliseconds. 30 ms is fast for e-paper; and in fact you can get 33 frames per second with an update speed like that. (30 FPS is the frame rate of your TV.)

Black and white, of course, because it's e-paper...but it can actually be backlit, which is nearly as impressive as the refresh rate.

E-paper promises to be cheap because it's a lot easier to manufacture than active-matrix LCDs are. Making an active-matrix display is still something of a black art, though yields are significantly better than they were ten years ago and you can actually get a large-format display with zero defective pixels for a reasonable price.

An active-matrix LCD requires that you print transistors onto glass with great precision and consistency; we've gotten a lot better at it. But it requires a manufacturing facility which has absolutely no dust whatsoever in it; keeping air that clean requires some seriously expensive equipment. Also the machines which make the displays require a stunning level of repeatable precision, and repeatable precision is never cheap.

There was some work done on producing LCD displays using, effectively, an inkjet printer, but I don't know what ever came of that. If you can do that kind of thing, the sky is the limit for display size....

* * *

Why didn't anyone tell me about this? "North Alabama's business community is praising the senate committee's reversal of President Obama's NASA budget proposal." Did NASA get its Constellation budget back?

* * *

Snow in July in the northern hemisphere. Okay, it's Calgary, but still....

* * *

Limbaugh was talking about this on his show yesterday: Angelo Codevilla's America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution. I haven't read it yet myself--it's long--but I dumped it to PDF and might try it on the Aluratek if it ever gets here.

* * *

For future reference: The Jonah Goldberg archive at National Review Online.

* * *

HA HA HA HA I like the slug for this article:
Legislation to restore unemployment benefits to millions who have been out of work for more than six months broke free of Senate Republican delaying tactics on Tuesday. Senators voted 60-40 to move ahead on the bill, clearing the way for a final Senate vote later on Tuesday. The measure would restore jobless checks for 2.5 million people whose benefits started running out seven weeks ago in a stubbornly jobless economic recovery.
THERE IS NO ECONOMIC RECOVERY, AP, YOU MORONS! We're staring right down the barrels of a double-dip recession and there is absolutely nothing that the government can do to even slow it down.

C'mon, AP! Stop sucking Obama's...y'know...thingy.

* * *

I just can't be crass like Dick. Unless I'm really, really mad...and then usually I cut out the crassness before I hit the "post" button.

Well, my parents raised me to watch my language in public, and while there's plenty of swearing on the various pages of the Fungus at least I can avoid referring to sex acts. Most of the time. I got that going for me.

* * *

I stopped in at Best Buy to pick up a 4GB memory card for the Aluratek if it ever gets here! and came about this > < close to buying Ponyo. But then I realized that I was going to be ordering Kimi ni Todoke volume 5 from Robert's Anime Corner Store come August, and figured I could just add Ponyo to that order.

But! I saw some things I wanted to buy: Fruits Basket in its entirety, $36. I never did get to see more than a few eps of that. The first season of Magic Knight Rayearth, same price. The first three seasons of Slayers, though I didn't check the price on it.

It's practically raining anime, and I can't find a freakin' bucket to save my life. I need a job.

Anyway, the SD card has a code you can enter at the company's web site for a free movie download. Naturally I'm interested in exactly none of the movies they've got. I might go ahead and DL Roxanne later, as that was a pretty good movie. Cyrano de Bergerac is one of my favorite plays and Steve Martin's take on the tale was a pretty good version of it.

* * *

Trying to mitigate the heat in my room, I had a look at the registers in the hallway. Turns out both upper and lower ones are air returns, not registers. I checked to see if perhaps the lower ones were open, and discovered that the lower ones were, in fact, completely clogged with about 30 years' worth of lint and spiderwebs and dust. Forget "dust bunnies". These were dust rhinoceri.

Oh, God.

The duct folds back under the floor so I couldn't reach down it very far, but I managed to extract some of the dust rhinos and I thoroughly cleaned the grille. When I put the lower back in place, I made sure it was closed, but I could feel air flowing into the duct, so that means it's not totally clogged with a herd of dust rhinos.

There's no duct connecting the upper vent to the lower. There's just a hole cut in the wall and the grille covers it; the air flows down between the studs to the duct under the floor. This has to be a retrofit, though Mom thinks these things were there since the house was built. It's possible the lowers were always there and the uppers installed later, though.

Anyway, come winter, I'll close the uppers and open the lowers, and we'll see if my room is any warmer. (I don't think the lowers were ever opened.)

So now Mom's thinking about having the ducts cleaned, and I can't say I blame her. God alone knows how much crap is clogging them.

...and dust rhinos.

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