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#2183: Yes, because ALL LIFE must be exactly the same as Earth's.

Follow the photosynthesis to find alien life.

No. Sorry. You're going to find alien life in strange places living under strange conditions, and you're going to have to figure out how the hell it can possibly survive under those conditions.

This kind of terracentric thinking annoys me.

* * *

A dirty environment helps prevent allergies and asthma. I've been saying this for years. All the kids I knew in school who had allergies came from homes which could have been used as emergency operating rooms, they were so clean.

* * *

Look at what Al Gore learned from being Bill Clinton's vice president for eight years.

* * *

Look at the graph and don't read the article because the article is written by a pro-government anti-business moron.

The graph shows the average length of unemployment over the past 40 or so years.

* * *

This is why--when the seat belt sign is illuminated--you stay in your seat with your seat belt fastened. That's also why you keep your belt fastened whenever you're in your seat even if the sign is off.

The 30 people who were injured will sue, of course.

* * *

I LOL at the depiction here of Tom Nutsack Vilsack.

* * *

This is the kind of thought which pervades the mainstream media. And we're supposed to believe it's right-wing? Or even centrist?

Then again, if my ass was routinely getting kicked in the ratings by someone, I'd probably advocate their destruction, too. Fox News pwns all! Suck it, bitches!

* * *

Liberals certainly are good at hating people who disagree with them.

* * *

The smoking gun! Ann Coulter FTW: "This is what 'racism' has come to in America. Democrats are in trouble, so they say 'let's call conservatives racists.' We always knew it, but the Journolist postings gave us the smoking gun."

In their own words, no less. Heheheheh.

* * *

The left will attack this man as an "Uncle Tom"; don't you worry about that. A "self-hating black man". He says some intelligent things, critical of Obama, which is why he must be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail:
...after Obama’s nearly flawless campaign (rattled by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist rants, but little else), the big surprise one and a half years after Obama’s momentous and truly moving inauguration is the staggering incompetence of his government. Like some Americans, I expected a nanny-state, socialist agenda from Obama & Co. However, I thought that at least they would manage things smoothly and professionally, in somewhat refreshing contrast to the general ineptitude of the detached, tongue-tied Bush-Rove years. Instead, what America and the world have witnessed is an extravaganza of frequent gaffes, blunders, and catastrophes:...
And he goes on to cite examples.

* * *

Thanks to the modern miracle which is the Internet, I know that my Aluratex Libre is "On FedEx vehicle for delivery". I don't know if that means it's going to be delivered today; the latest update for its status came at 6:36 AM and it's now about three hours later. (Then again, I checked its status first thing upon getting on the computer, which was a bit more than an hour ago, and at that time its last update had been at 6:27 AM, "At local FedEx facility". So who knows?)

If it is delivered today, believe me, I will find that perfectly acceptable.

* * *

All I managed to do yesterday was to surf the Internet, read a bit, and sleep a lot. I don't know what's wrong with me; maybe it's just the "dog days" of summer (a bit early) and it's too damn hot outside to do anything constructive, destructive, or just plain structive.

Verdict on goulash with home-grown green peppers: I can't taste any difference. They certainly smelled good while cooking! OMG. But who cares? Mom's goulash is made of delicious, so I think nothing of having a big bowl of that with a thick slice of Ginzo bread for breakfast.

("Ginzo bread": I don't know why Dad called Marconi's Italian bread "Ginzo bread", but he also applied the monicker to parmesan cheese: "Hey, we're out of Ginzo cheese!" He may even have used it to refer to antipasto: "Order some of that Ginzo salad!" Many of my Dad's statements, for some reason, always seem to require an exclamation point. He didn't yell a lot, so I don't know why.)

* * *

Ever see that commercial for some stain-removing product where a guy's at a job interview, and the "talking stain" on his necktie is shouting nonsense over his replies to questions?

Guy: "Well, at my last job, I--"

I thought of that commercial last night, and remembered an incident from my teenage years.

McDonald's employee, via speaker: "Thank you for choosing McDonald's! May I take your order?"
Me: "Yeah, I'd like a--"
My friend Marcus: "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!"
Me: "Shut up! I'd like to get--"
Me: (now laughing) "SHUT UP! I'd...ha ha...I'd like to--"

My friend, the talking stain. Probably just as well I haven't seen him since 1994.

* * *

The jalopy's weird brake rattle is back, and I'm going to have to pull the LF tire off again and check it again. The last time I checked it everything was tight, so this time I'm going to have to take it apart and check it.


Not today. It's hot. Probably not before Sunday, in fact. I'll just have to drive the GANGSTA HOOPTY THREATENING SUSPICIOUS JEEP CHEROKEE instead.

Beware, law-abiding citizens of Crete, for THIS WALKS AMONG YE:

Notice the steely-eyed criminal and his dangerous truck! Any mortal being would SHIT HIS PANTS IN FEAR at the sight! But fear not, for the BRAVE POLICE OF CRETE WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THIS RAVENING DEMON!

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