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#2186: NAACP is feeling the pinch now!

You can see it here in Pat Buchanan's piece:
Declaring itself "appalled" at this "shameful" act of racism, the NAACP said it would investigate the Georgia crowd that cheered her and praised the Department of Agriculture for firing [Shirley Sherrod].
And then Obama threw Tom Nutsack under the bus!

WTF, Democrats? Now you can't even hurl a baseless charge of "racism!" without screwing it up?

* * *

The thing that worries me is that our guys have shown they can be more incompetent than the Democrats are. It takes effort, but the GOP manages it at times, and right now we can ill afford any incompetence from either party; yet we get it aplenty.

* * *

I seem to recall hearing something similar about ObamaCare, yet we got that monstrosity. I'm not going to feel safe from "Cap and Tax" until Obama's no longer President.

* * *

Got a couple of interesting links about the Journolist thing.

Here's an interesting piece at Ace of Spades about Journolist's admission policies.
Ezra wants us to believe that Tucker's credibility is low because Ezra didn't actually give him access to Journolist and he got the listserv archive another way? That sounds a lot like journalism. Nobody is denying that the emails reprinted in the Daily Caller are accurate. Nobody is saying that the Journolist members outed by the Daily Caller didn't actually belong to the group.

Ezra is saying, "if we'd let him join it would have proven we weren't trying to hide anything." Except you didn't let him join, did you, Juicebox? Your members thought that letting outsiders into the clubhouse would be a bad idea.
Emphasis his.

Since they didn't let Tucker join, it must mean they do have something to hide?

Investor's Business Daily calls it "the smoking gun of media bias" and I fail to see how anyone could argue otherwise.

"For decades, moderates and conservatives have been derided and ridiculed for complaining about the mainstream media's pervasive liberal bias. As it turns out, however, their worst fears were true."

I don't know how many times people on the left tried to convince me that the mainstream media was "centrist" or even "right-wing". Of course these people would cite gunk from "Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting", a left-wing think tank dedicated to harping on news articles which aren't left-wing enough for them. (A better monicker for the group would be "Foolish And Inaccurate Liberals", or FAIL.)

"You just think they're left-wing because you're conservative," I've been told, time and again. Well, guess what, me bucko? YOU'RE WRONG! I was right all those years about the left-wing news media, and my Dad was right when he railed against "the commie creeps"!

* * *

There's another old bit of wisdom which is also true: the only way to get good grades in college is to regurgitate all the leftist horseshit spewed by your professors.

* * *

Be surprised, America! The Democrats want to add a public option to ObamaCare!

Gee, I am so surprised! I never could have predicted something like that happening!

Wait a minute, I did predict the Democrats would try to add the public option later on! Holy shit! I'm a prophet! Or a genius!, the Democrats are just too predictable.

* * *

The economy:

So much for "recovery summer" when the jobs market is "weak" at best.

Bernanke, twigging to the fact that something is wrong, is saying that the future of our economy is "unusually uncertain". Gee, y'think?

We are warned by Matt Miller, "The great recession is just beginning."

A tidal wave of taxes doth approach.

Obama doesn't have the first idea of what it is, exactly, which causes job creation in America.

* * *

I'm skipping lightly over that stuff because it's all inordinately depressing to me.

So, John Kerry bought a $7 million yacht, and is keeping it in Delaware to avoid Massachusetts taxes.

He doesn't want to pay almost $500k initially and $70k per year thereafter to Massachusetts.

And the Munchkin Wrangler weighs in on it with his post, "taxes are for chumps, not for champions of the working class." [SIC]

Apparently no one in Massachusetts gives a rip, though. Thanks to its socialized medical program (among other things) Mass. is feeling a budget crunch, and $500,000 is a pretty significant sum of money; you'd think the state government would be up in arms over this--

Oh, wait! WHAT AM I THINKING? KERRY'S A DEMOCRAT! Of course no one's going to take him to task for it!

* * *

A true victim of identity theft, Dan Wheeler's ID was stolen by a child molestor, who then used it as an alias. Now whenever anyone does a background check on him--say, as part of the pre-employment vetting process--his name and social security number come up as belonging to a child molestor!

Remember that the SS# wasn't supposed to be used for identification purposes? Remember that? That's another little inconvenient thing the federal government ignores.

* * *

This is how classy Sarah Palin is: what I link to there was originally posted several days ago, and FailBook deleted it because it was "racist" or some such nonsense. At the bottom of the report, Ms. Palin says:
*Note: The original post of this statement (on July 20, 2010) was somehow unintentionally deleted by mistake or technical glitch.
One of many reasons I refuse to have a FailBook account.

To be honest I don't know why she's bothering with FailBook anyway. Maybe some dickhead is cybersquatting SARAPAC.ORG or something. (Don't bother to tell me.)

* * *


Stop the presses! A CBS reporter asked the Obama White House a TOUGH QUESTION! And then reported the results!

* * *

Temp: 95°. Dewpoint: 78°. Heat index: 111°.

...that dewpoint tells the tale: it's frickin' HUMID out there. Any time the dewpoint is above about 65° it's sticky, regardless of the actual temperature.

Of course with the temp at 95° the relative humidity is only 56%, but that's just because the air is so warm it could hold about twice as much water as it's currently carrying. (I have a special phrase for 100% humidity in 95° weather, if that's even possible: "FUCK NO I'M NOT GOING OUTSIDE; TURN UP THE AIR CONDITIONER." I've never experienced that kind of heat, and I don't want to.)

* * *

I've finished reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and moved onward. I'm reading Ben Franklin's autobiography, having decided to skip A Tale of Two Cities, because Dickens writes paragraphs which are approximately 40,000 words long and connects all the sentences with semicolons. No thank you. I want to reach back in time, slap him upside the head, and say, "USE MORE PERIODS, YOU DOUCHE!"

Overall I'm pleased with the performance of the thing. The display, I have discovered, is a low-power conventional LCD, not "e-ink" or any variety of "e-paper". WTF, I don't really care, because it's got the same contrast and legibility of e-paper.

* * *

You know, now that I think of it, I really can't believe it's not butter.

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