atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#219: Singularity and other topics.

Just so you know, Singularity is 100% "straight from the brain" without editing. I have some generalized plot notes in a text file, but what you see here is what I wrote first--it is all "rough draft".

So if there are typos or other errors, that's why.

* * *

Christmas is 10 days away, and the end of the year is a bit more than 2 weeks away. Hard to believe!

Next week we're taking two trucks every day except Saturday and Sunday. That's a total of 12 trucks of merchandise, all of which has to be taken off the truck and put somewhere. Some of the merchandise will sell, of course, so the shelves on the sales floor will absorb some of each truck every night.

Still, it sounds like a lot of work. And I'll probably end up going in early a few nights, to help with the manual CAFs.

* * *

I've gotten some of my shopping done. Tonight I intend to get a little more taken care of. Yay!

* * *

For myself, I bought some brain teaser puzzles--cheap $1 trinket type. Three of them I was able to solve in pretty reasonable times--one was an old favorite that I already knew inside out. But one of them was just not clicking at all; I worked at it for twenty minutes without success.

Then I was talking with my mother, and just fiddling with the thing while I talked...and zip zip clink I was gaping stupidly at the two parts of the puzzle, one in each hand. Somehow I had solved it without even looking at it.

I put it back together, paying attention to how the pieces fit...and then I spent another twenty minutes trying to get it apart again!

That was amazing to me: that my hands knew how to solve the puzzle but my conscious brain did not. Somehow my subconscious knew how to get the thing apart; but that knowledge would not (and did not) transfer to my conscious brain. The first time I got it apart, I didn't manage it until I took the conscious brain out of the equation.

It was an interesting insight into human consciousness, or at least my consciousness. Well worth the $4 I spent on the puzzles.

Really, it's kind of the same thing as with drawing. If you try to draw something, it's harder to make it look right than if you just draw it. It's why I can't draw something the same way each time I draw it; trying to copy the first drawing requires that too much of my conscious brain be involved with the process, and that screws it all up.

The best artwork I've ever done has been the result of letting my mind wander away from the act of drawing and instead dwelling on the thing I am drawing. The ability to draw is really only the ability to see, and to connect what you see with the way you move the pencil. The rest is just practice.

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