atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2187: Got the rocking chair bearing blues

While watching the playlist yesterday the squeaking became unbearably loud, so I paused playback and had a look at the thing. Upper right rear bearing: shot. Again.

To be fair, it was not in all that good a shape to begin with; that was the bearing I salvaged, cleaned, and relubricated as an emergency backup, and I installed it when the last bearing in that position died by expelling its ball bearings all over the carpet.

I need to buy a new set of bearings for it. *sigh* So I really, really have to get on the stick and order them. I'm going to order two sets, damn it. And I'm going to keep the usable ones from the set now on the rocker.

I have the matching ottoman for this chair. Could Best Chairs have used the same bearings on ottoman and rocker? Oh no, why would they ever do such a thing?

In the meantime I think I'll put the chair in the unused bedroom and grab the rocker from the living room.

* * *

Yeah, that's all I've got today. I'm sorry.

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