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#2190: More about Mom

Those of you tuning in for the regular Fungus nonsense are probably sick of this already, but since I'm in charge of this dump I get to say what the leading topics are. Ha, ha.

Owing to nervous exhaustion or sheer laziness I didn't get there until after 4 PM today, and I didn't stay super-long (about an hour or so).


1) This past Friday she had an outpatient procedure for an examination of her bladder, and the urologist removed a lump from it. We learned today that the lump was a very minor tumor, that the doctor had gotten it all, and that the lab had shown that the prognosis was all good; good news.

2) She had another nebulizer treatment while I was there and forgot to put her nasal cannula back in once it was done, and didn't have any trouble breathing.

3) They're talking about discharging her soon.

Seems to me the upper respiratory infection was present before, and aggravated by, the surgery she had on Friday. (No one has said so but this is my own hunch.) They've continued the IV Levaquin; I didn't ask a nurse if the antibiotics were continuing or what.

Anyway she was cracking jokes on the phone this morning, when I talked to her. They served her dinner while I was there and she ate nearly all of it, but for the roll and some grapes which she saved for later. (And two strawberries, which she fobbed onto me.)

So: her spirits are much improved, her color is much improved, the long-awaited news from the procedure on Friday was good, etc, all of which is such a relief to me that I was falling asleep in the visitor chair there, so I decided to come home.

* * *

Thank you for all the good wishes.

* * *

Guess what? We're going to ration health care! One of Obama's czars just said so. Health care will be rationed! Remember that ObamaCare wasn't supposed to do that?

The Democrats lied to us! Color me surprised! Here come the death panels!

* * *

John Kerry has had enough of answering questions about berthing his $7 million yacht in a state which doesn't tax expensive toys.

Kerry reportedly said, "Let's get this very straight, I've said consistently we will pay our taxes, we have always paid our taxes. It's not an issue period." Notice how Kerry avoids the issue here: no one has said he's doing something illegal. The issue here is that he's purposefully berthed his boat in a state which doesn't have the same punitive luxury taxes as his home state, thus (legally) avoiding his home state's taxes.

"Legally", yes; but for someone who never saw a tax he didn't like, it's most hypocritical.

Gee, a hypocritical Democrat. Wow.

* * *

Sure, it's the mold that killed them. Sure it is. Yeah. You know how bad mold can get in a celebrity household!

"[Brittany] Murphy's death on December 20, 2009 was ruled to be a result of pneumonia, iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication." Oh yeah, the mold killed her; it wasn't the multiple drugs in her system that did it, oh no.

"...[T]hey found prescription medication in [Brittany's boyfriend Simon] Monjack's bloodstream, but not in doses high enough to be lethal." Yeah. Mix alcohol with certain medications and it will kill you even though neither the alcohol and the drug are themselves present in high enough concentration to cause death. Drug interactions can be lethal.

Oh, no, it's just mold.

* * *


* * *

Burn a Koran on 9/11. Why not?

* * *


...Wal-Mart wants to use RF smart tags to help track its inventory. The smart tags are removable. If you're worried about your privacy, just remove the stupid tag after you buy the garment.


* * *

Deficits are going to be bigger than the White House says they will. Wha--holy shit! No! You simply must be kidding me! The Obama White House lied to make themselves look better?

...there is already too much sarcasm in this post.

* * *

So it turns out that Jornolist actually had a discussion about who was Trig Palin's real mother and how best to exploit the story to the advantage of Democrats in general and Obama in particular.

I'm not the least bit surprised.

* * *

Man, it's only Tuesday. It feels like next month already.

I think I'm going to watch some anime or something.

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