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#2191: I ain't got no brains after writing yesterday's post and finishing by saying I was going to watch some anime, I didn't end up watching any anime. Instead I went to bed.

* * *

It really must suck to be John Kerry because he's been under so much media pressure about the taxes on his ultra-luxury yacht he's going to pay them.

Why doesn't the national Republican party leadership have this much of a spine?
"Senator Kerry will only pay the taxes because he got caught," party Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour said in a statement. "He should spend more time creating jobs rather than customizing his yacht. Democrats think they live by another set of rules, and the voters of the commonwealth will soon remind them they do not."
It really isn't that hard to accomplish. The press will gladly take your statements and do its best to make you look bad, but the people of the United States are smart enough to know that the press is leftist and always slants its coverage in favor of Democrats. They'll figure out who's the skunk despite the best efforts of the mainstream media--and I think this episode proves that.

* * *

Put this lunatic in a psych ward. She's a "witch" who is "not subject to earthly laws".


* * *

When you're the government, pesky things like "profit" and "value for the money" don't apply. Government Motors is planning to sell the Chevy Volt for $41,000, which is ludicrous. Even with the $7,500 tax credit you get for buying one.

The thing is, at least, a true hybrid; it has a gas engine to provide power. It can only go 40 miles on a single charge, so the gasoline engine is necessary to make the thing useful at all. The gas engine will power the car long enough to go about 300 miles.

On this, however, I call "BULLSHIT": "GM said it would cost about $1.50 worth of electricity to fully recharge the Volt each night."

$1.50 worth of electricity is 15 kilowatt-hours if you're paying $0.10 per kwh. There is no way in fucking hell that car can go 40 miles on 15 kwh of electricity in anything even approaching real-world conditions. And even granting that as a possibility, the laws of thermodynamics demand that you can't get all 15 kwh back out of those batteries: some power will be lost in conversion, because charging a battery converts electricity into chemical energy, and using the battery to power a device then converts chemical energy into electricity. There are always conversion losses.

Yet we're supposed to believe that $1.50 worth of electricity can move a car as far as $3 worth of gasoline? I don't buy it.

* * *

Did you know that a Democrat introduced a bill to reinstitute the draft? This is the first I've heard of it.

I remember Rangel introducing a draft bill during the Bush administration so the Democrats could lie about Republicans wanting to bring back the draft, but this is the first I've heard of Democrats wanting to bring back the draft for real.

* * *

In the "this is not news" department, SEIU supports illegal immigration.

* * *

GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME I don't care if it's "experimental". They're finding ways to regenerate teeth! Yahoo!

* * *

So I fell asleep last night and didn't do anything, and yet after waking up this morning and getting the animals fed I'm still wanting nothing more than to return to bed and sleep some more.

It's been like this for days and Mom thinks it's nervous tension; what on Earth do I have to be tense about? :P

I haven't even logged on to WoW since Saturday.

I've been feeling consistently hypoglycemic, and only this morning I thought, "When did I last have a non-diet drink?" I drank nothing but diet soft drinks yesterday, but for the two milkshakes I got from McDonald's...which are more like very soft ice cream than drinks, anyway.

That amounts to going cold turkey from sugar water, and past experience has shown that my metabolism won't stand for that. No wonder I feel wobbly.

Today's program will be, I believe, about the same as yesterday's. I'm going to call Mom and see what she wants, and then do what needs doing, and then collect myself and head over to the hospital.


* * *

I don't know what to think of Zettai Karen Children yet. I downloaded it because I had read good things about it; the first episode was not very appealing to me.

...I don't even remember what day it was that I saw it. Never mind; I'm going back to bed.

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