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#2194: I haven't started with Ann Coulter for a while.

She's always good but today she's great.
We also have evidence of liberals' proclivity for violence in the form of mountains of arrest records. Liberal protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention were arrested for smashing police cars, slashing tires, breaking store windows and for possessing Molotov cocktails, napalm bombs and assorted firearms. (If only they could muster up that kind of fighting spirit on foreign battlefields.)

There were no arrests of conservatives at the Democratic National Convention.

Over the past couple of election cycles, Bush and McCain election headquarters around the country have been repeatedly vandalized, ransacked, burglarized and shot at (by staunch gun-control advocates, no doubt); Bush and McCain campaign signs have been torched; and Republican campaign volunteers have been physically attacked.
The left is violent. Look at the history of the "progressive movement" and you find violence, murder, oppression, corruption, terror, and horror.

* * *

Charlie Rangel is actually in trouble. But I doubt he's going to face any penalties for his misdeeds.

* * *

Charge this kid with a hate crime! A black kid attacked a white fan of rap music, saying that white people don't have a right to like rap.

The black kid was with a group of other black kids at the time of the attack--gee, gang much?

I agree that white people shouldn't like rap, but that's just because I think no one should like rap. First off, the name of the genre is misspelled; it's missing its initial "C"....

* * *

Big Dick is laughing at government. I'm glad someone can laugh about it. Why?

Dick links to this article, and here's some slug text from it:

"State taxes likely must rise to keep up with spending".

How about this for an idea: STATE SPENDING MUST DECLINE TO KEEP PACE WITH REVENUES! I'm tired of indiscriminate spending increases every freaking year and then having to listen to the politicians whine about how there isn't enough money to fund everything and the taxes have to increase. Fuck that shit.

* * *

So here we come back to "Learn From My Fail", where idiots showcase their abject stupidty for all to see. I'm in a pretty crappy mood right now, so there's swearing a-plenty here:

First up: dumbass taking nude photos of herself.
If you have recently sent some racy pics to your boyfriend, close the folder immediately. Otherwise your 11 year old nephew will learn waaayy too much about his auntie when he uses your laptop later in the day.
Here's an idea, you stupid fucking cow: don't take nude photos of yourself. If you absolutely must do it, don't leave them on the computer. I can guarant-god-damn-tee you that even if you "close the folder" your nephew will probably find them and see them. Keep them on removable media and put the removable media somewhere out of sight.

I never take nude photographs yet I know this, so how hard is this shit to figure out?

Hey asshat, sex wasn't invented by your generation.
DO NOT let your grandparents get drunk. You will never recover from your grandmother telling you that she wears crotch-less knickers, and no grandfather should know what "giggety" means or use it in any context.
Where do you think that anus on that stupid show got "giggety" from? Did you think it was brought down from on high by an archangel some time after your birth? Where do you think your parents came from? Do you think they were found under a leaf down in the cabbage patch? If you're such a pussy that you can't stand the idea that your parents--and yes, your grandparents, too!--actually had sex and liked it maybe you should just go throw yourself off a cliff or a high-rise and do us all a favor. Shithead.

The only part of this which is fail is being un- or semi-conscious for the event.
If you feel like you are going to pass out after giving blood make sure there is not a big breasted woman standing in front of you. You may end up giving an accidental motorboat.
I think you should make sure there is a big-breasted woman in front of you in these circumstances. And you should fake being lightheaded.

Yesterday at Subway there was a busty woman in line ahead of me who was wearing a tight tank top with a low-cut neckline over a push-up bra. They were epic. Even better, there were no tramp stamps defacing her skin. I did a lot of looking. I think she was offended, but I don't care: if you're going to put your epic boobs on display, I'm going to look at them. If you don't want people looking at them, don't show them off. You can't wear clothing designed to accentuate your cleavage and then get pissed off because a guy you wouldn't want to date is looking at it. Grow the hell up, you stupid bitch. And next time, wear a lower-cut shirt and face me at all times.

* * *

No, I didn't just stand there and gape in open-mouthed wonder at the bounty of nature. I have some class. Kind of makes me wish I'd had a discreet way of taking a picture, though.

It just occurred to me that I may be turning into Dick. Well, there are worse things.

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