atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2198: Justice!

I just got a call from the Chief of Police of Crete. We had a nice chat about the events of July 17.

He apologized for the way the incident ended. He defended his officers and their conduct to a reasonable extent but admitted that they had gone a bit too far with the "respect my authoritah" nonsense. Those were not his words, but that conveys the gist of what he had to say about it.
"It's been my experience that younger officers tend to 'hunker down' when they feel like they are being challenged," he said.

I'm well satisfied with what he had to say to me; in fact I agreed with his position: the cops involved with the incident were doing what they were supposed to do, and the problem was with how the situation was resolved, particularly the "parking ticket" threat.

Let me say it again: I get that someone driving down a darkened street to watch a thunderstorm is beyond the typical, and I don't blame the cop for coming by and asking, "What's up?" and I don't even mind him asking for my driver's license. I cooperate with the police because I understand their position as "officers of the court" and the fact that they are there specifically to arrest people who are breaking the law.

My problem with this situation arose because the cops would not answer a simple question ("What am I doing that's suspicious?") and then threatened me with a ludicrous parking ticket; and it appears that the Chief of Police of Crete understands my position.

I understand his, too; the discussion we had was constructive and cordial. The Chief of Police told me he's going to discuss the issue with the officers in question. Hopefully this doesn't result in any payback; we'll see about that, but since I tend to obey the traffic laws to the letter I don't expect to give them much rope with which to hang me.

Hopefully that'll be enough.

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