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#221: Stuff

Megumi's Diary has lurched forward another few pages.

I am really--perhaps unreasonably--happy with the page that image is a part of.

Overall the flow of the story seems reasonable to me, and there are a couple of pages after the one with that image.

* * *

Battlestar Galactica has ended until January 21, which is five weeks away. They naturally ended the episode on a cliffhanger.

Four Cylon base ships and the Galactica are both orbiting a habitable planet which has a temple left behind by the Thirteenth Colony on their way to Earth--the Temple of the Five--and both the Cylons and the humans want what is supposedly in the temple, the "Eye of Jupiter". Said artifact will point the way to Earth, supposedly. And the planet's star is all set to go supernova. The Cylons are trying to land at the temple and Admiral Adama is going to make good on his threat to nuke the thing before they can.

My own opinion is that the "Eye of Jupiter" is in fact revealed only when the planet's star goes supernova, that it's not a man-portable object at all. (If that's so, then the "Lords of Kobol" had some pretty high-level technology; maybe it's good for everyone that the human civilization has fallen a bit from that level.) Everyone in the show is convinced that the "Eye of Jupiter"--it refers to the Roman name of the god Zeus, by the way, not necessarily the planet--is some kind of mystical compass, but that could easily be misdirection.

I don't see how the writers could kill of Lee "Apollo" Adama or Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. If Admiral Adama goes through with nuking the temple, they'll be nuked right along with it; I fail to see how they could avoid dying. And humans don't resurrect like Cylons do.

I have been thinking--ever since I first learned about the Cylon resurrection process--that Baltar is a Cylon. I keep seeing clues that he is. I could be wrong about it, but the character thinks it's possible--there are five types of Cylon which are "secret", even to other Cylons--and I think there have been too many clues given for me to ignore the possibility.

If Baltar is a Cylon, it's really interesting and entertaining; but if he is, it is a MAJOR plot point and it's going to take a LONG time for us to learn it. If he's a Cylon it will completely change how he does things. For one thing, he'll stop even considering the welfare of humanity. Baltar is a coward; even guaranteed that he'll resurrect he would still save his own skin first and worry about everyone else second.

In D&D terms, Baltar is Chaotic Neutral--he is always looking out for number one. Not actually evil; just incredibly selfish.

My network connection is sucking wind right now. More later.

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