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#2204: Why do I have so many damn tabs open?

I don't like how Firefox deals with tabs, either. It's fine when it's a few, but when you have 20 tabs open it gets unwieldy. Of course, half the tabs I have open are probably going to be closed without comment here, but it'd be nice if it could stack them or something.

Well, too bad.

* * *

Right now the lead item in this Jalopnik category reads: "The "Right to Repair" bill failed in Massachusetts. Politicians hate us for our freedom to choose not to go to dealerships."

This is almost right. The second sentence should read, "Politicians hate us for our freedom to choose." That's more correct.

* * *

Hatred of jews is the canary in the coal mine for how shitty the world is about to become. Britain's prime minister is sounding anti-semitic these days, which probably means the overall shittiness of the world over the next couple decades could hit as much as 2.6 Hitlers.

I have just decided on the "Hitler" for the unit of measurement for how fucked up the world is. World War II peaked at 1.73 Hitlers in 1943, with a couple of spikes to 2.0 Hitlers in 1945. That was the highest it's ever been. But with the leadership of Great Britain starting to sound like old Adolf, I fail to see how we can avoid surpassing WW2.

(BTW, it's a logarithmic scale, so 3 Hitlers is twice as bad as 2 Hitlers.)

* * *

Global warming is so bad it's overtaxing the space station's cooling system.

* * *

This Arse Technica article is about some thought that the people working on quantum computers could beat Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

I doubt it. I really, really doubt it.

Also from Arse, CERN's snipe hunt: they're looking for dark matter in all the data they're accumulating with their black hole machine.

I still think dark matter makes no sense whatsoever, particularly as you can explain intragalactic motion of stars by using relativity rather than classical mechanics. The "evidence" cited in this article for the existence of dark matter is chimerical, because as long as we use classical mechanics rather than relativity to figure relativistic events, there's going to have to be a fudge factor--and dark matter (and energy) is it.

Einstein himself hated the use of constants; he figured that any physical equation that required a constant was not fundamental. (Example: the equation we use to determine the gravitational force between two bodies relies on the gravitational constant G, which is 6.67300 x 10-11m3kg-1s-2. Which means, in Einstein's view, that the classical understanding of gravity is almost right, but not quite.)

* * *

The Democrats really want to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and they're going to do it by hook or by crook, because they're going to need those votes in 2012.

* * *

It's time to amend the Constitution to eliminate "anchor babies", too.

* * *

Democrats are going to do their damnedest to twist the truth so that they can blame the impending tax increase on Republicans.

The Democrats are not going to extend the Bush tax cuts, thus enabling a rise in tax rates without any of them having to vote for raising taxes. But that's not good enough; so they're going to say that the tax increase is the GOP's fault.

The theory: the GOP cut taxes but didn't make the tax cuts permanent; because the cuts had a cutoff date it's really the Republicans' fault that taxes are going to rise at the end of the year.

Yeah. You know, that pesky little fact that the tax cuts couldn't pass without the time limit, because the Democrats would filibuster it otherwise, and the other inconvenient fact that the Democrats could easily vote to extend the tax cuts--no, just ignore that, none of that is important at all.

Once again: they have to lie to make themselves look good, because if they tell the truth, no one will vote for them.

* * *

That's a de facto ban if I ever heard of one. To own a handgun in Maryland, you first have to demonstrate that you may need to defend yourself.


"Now, hang on, Mr. Rapist who I never saw before tonight! I've got to go turn this form in to the police station and wait six weeks, and then wait five days after that to take delivery of my gun, and then you'll be sorry!"


* * *

Zero GDP growth in 2008, GDP shrank in 2009. Guess what? Among other things it means that the recession was actually longer than anyone has been saying it was.

A recession is defined as two or more quarters with zero or negative economic growth. If GDP was static in 2008 and declining in 2009 that means at least seven quarters' worth of recession (since we know GDP rose in the last quarter of 2009).

By the way, that definition also means that the double-dip has already begun.

* * *

Vox Day thinks we are already screwed, and I find it hard to argue his point.

* * *

The simple answer to the question posed by this headline is "yes". Yes, the "great BP eco-disaster" was over-hyped. was not helped by anything done by Obama and his minions, but the press was clearly hoping desperately for all sorts of carnage.

* * *

Basic research always pays off, sooner or later. A type of glass invented in 1962 will improve the durability of LCD screens in 2010.

...the penultimate sentence of the article: they have a way to make paper-thin, flexible glass, and no one knows what to use it for. Yet.

* * *

The guy doesn't care about the people who are going to die becase of his actions. Alan Caruba on the WikiLeaks story:
The Telegraph, a London newspaper, reported “(Assange) has already said he would ‘deeply regret’ any lives being lost as the result of the leak, but stood firm in his conviction that it was a risk worth taking because of its importance ‘to the history of the war’.”
In fact, Julian Assange doesn't give a rat's ass about the people who will be brutally murdered by the Taliban once NATO pulls out of Afghanistan. He doesn't care because he's out to embarass the United States however he possibly can.

The lofty ideals he espouses are nothing but empty words meant to keep him in good graces with the soft-headed, and to deflect the rest of us from condemning him as the terrorist-loving criminal he is.

* * *

As you can see, I pared down the 20-odd tabs considerably. 14, anyway.

When I started writing this post I had 20 tabs open, but I started trimming them down before hitting the blogroll. 13 survived from the inital 20, and the last one came from the blogroll.

...and I have nothing else to discuss. I played a little WoW yesterday, getting Ormus to 66th level; and otherwise I did nothing of any note. I feel lousy, I feel shitty, I feel pissed off. That's about it.

It sure would be nice if I could take a vacation.

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