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#2205: Two inches of rain

Actually, it's probably more. Our rain gauge is only graduated to 1.5"; it was full to the top and by extrapolation I guesstimated that we got around 2" last night.

The two main creeks in the area are at the tops of their banks and the viaduct on Route 1 was flooded this morning with at least three feet of water.

Today's radar loop showing the monsoon.

I'm glad I got the grass cut yesterday, because the back yard is a swamp today.

* * *

Did you hear that Newsweak sold for $1 and the assumption of its debt? The guy who bought it has to make good on the debt run up by its prior owners, so he's going to have to pay off the money the magazine owes.

I've made fun of Newsweak for running farcical cover stories which are nothing but Obama hagiographies. Like this, for instance:

Remember that? (I asked, "What economic turnaround?" And now we're learning that the economy is worse off than the government figured. Yeah, the economy's going great guns now, innit? *sigh*)

Sidney Harmon bought it. The "Harmon" of "Harmon/Kardan".

Harmon is married to a Democrat Congresswoman.

...I seem to recall reading somewhere about a wealthy man who bought a literary magazine as a hobby: he enjoyed hobnobbing with famous poets and having lunches with artists and getting to be a big figure in the cultural scene...but while all that was going on he never seemed to publish many issues of the thing. As I recall it was fictional satire; but then I remember that there actually was something like that happening, for real, too, which also reminded me of the story about the rich editor.

But the print media outlook has never been worse—and even billionaires tire of losing money. For every Newhouse and Bradley, there are currently two Sam Zells, who had employees of the Tribune Company rejoicing about their good fortune in finding a benefactor willing to sustain millions of dollars in losses to protect journalism's standing as a public trust.
Maybe if journalism was actually being impartial, and not trying to support Democrats, the public would trust them more. And then Newsweak wouldn't be in the state it's in.

* * *

Big surprise, then, that this brain-dead nonsense comes from Newsweak.

* * *

Here's an important safety tip for people who use GPS navigation systems: THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY! If the sign says "road closed" you'd better just hit the "alternate route" button.

* * *

Boortz thinks we should repeal the 17th Amendment. I'm not sure I understand exactly, but the time frame in which it was enacted (1913) makes it suspect, because that was around the time that socialist thinking was really beginning to get traction around the world.

* * *

More Boortz, this time on the cover of Time.

Wow, isn't islam a wonderful religion?

* * *

On that same page is a thumbnail pic of Chelsea Clinton in her wedding finery. She looks like some kind of demon. You do know that Chelsea is the spitting image of her mother at that age, don't you?

* * *

The Department of Transportation is withholding documents which could be favorable to Toyota in this whole "unintended acceleration" brouhaha.

Government Motors will brook no competitors who are more successful.

* * *

I thought Tendafoot was an elephant, not a sheep.

Eh? What? For those of you not well-versed in Homestar Runner.

* * *

Uhhaaahaahaaaa....Lil Bwuddew!!!

* * *

This guy's boss must be so happy with him. (Jeeze. I got hollered at once for making a null modem serial cable which could at least be used for something other than playing Doom in network mode.)

He got this idea from You're Under Arrest.

Got a laptop with a bad screen? Strap it to the back of an LCD monitor for a quick and easy all-in-one computing experience!

* * *

Commentary at about the Chevy Volt. know, my Escort cost me a total of $400 to buy, plus about $100 in parts, plus about $300 for engine rebuild materials (including a new clutch). What is that, $800? And it gets 36 MPG.

Looks like I come out about $40,200 ahead on the deal, don't I?

Of course I can't lord it over other people and say, "Oh, well, I care more about the environment than you because I own an electric car!"

Shit. $41,000 for an electric Cavalier. Fuck that.

* * *

I don't normally go for celebrity news, but this is so utterly brainfucked I can't keep myself from commenting.

First Madonna 2.0 Lady Gaga says this: "I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina."

Then: "There was a period in her life when she was 'completely mental,' Gaga said,..."

You mean, other than now?

This is why I hate celebrity news: celebrities are idiots.

* * *

Socialized medicine is so wonderful.

* * *

More taxes will kill the economy which is, at present, desperately in need of life support.

* * *

I think I saw an episode of Doctor Who like this once. This is really neat: the guy takes modern photos and then superimposes parts of WW2 photos over them, so you have this cool juxtaposition of now and then.

* * *

What else can I say? It's Tuesday.

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