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#2207: Try driving the speed limit.

How to fight a speeding ticket. You know the best way to avoid penalties for speeding; you read the title of this post. It's simple, effective, costs nothing, and works nearly all of the time.

* * *

Over at BakaBT I found the OST for To Aru Majutsu no Index. The OP of that series is great; I hope there's a full length version of it that doesn't suck.

I've had too much experience with anime OP themes which are great in TV length but which turn out to be terrible in full length. Example? The Oh! My Goddess! OVA OP. Oh Jesus. Another example: the You're Under Arrest! OVA OP.

In these songs its like someone said, "Wait, this isn't long enough; we need more music. I've got it! Let's just bang around on the instruments for a few minutes and see what comes out, and add that in the middle!" So it's kind of like "dum dee dum dum BLAA! DAH DAH DAH DAH! BLAA BLAA! DAH DAH DAH! DAH DAH DAH BLAAAA BLAA, BLAA DAH DAH! dum dee dum dum".

It's so stupid it makes me cringe when I hear it. So in the case of YUA! I haven't listened to the full-length OP since 1996. I digitized the "TV length" version from laserdisk and listen to that instead.

At least the O!MG! OST has the "TV length" version on the CD.

Sometimes there's a great song which should be longer, but no full-length version exists. I've never found a longer version of the Akazukin Chacha OP. (Probably just as well; I no longer care to hear it.)

In general the Marmalade Boy ED themes were okay in full length, so it's not something that's endemic to the breed. Sometimes the full length version is really good. (Cardcaptor Sakura, for example; I've memorized "Catch You Catch Me" in Japanese, even the rapid-fire parts. I rule.)

* * *

The question here is not "what if it happens" but "when will it happen". The history of the US economy pretty well proves that Arthur Laffer is correct when he says there is an optimum point beyond which higher tax rates reduce government revenue.

The richer you are, the more room you have to maneuver, as I've dicussed before here at the Fungus. A stupendously rich man--like, for example, Al Gore--can shelter income in ways which are not available to you and me, and end up paying taxes on only a minor fraction of his yearly income. And the rich are smart enough and rich enough to hire accountants and lawyers to help them do it in an entirely legal fashion. Al Gore doesn't need to understand the intricacies of bookkeeping or corporate finance or the US tax code; he just needs to find someone who does and who is willing to accept money to take care of the paperwork for him.

The rich will put their money in places which require the least outlay of taxes. For example, if capital gains taxes are set to rise, there'll be a big selloff of stocks shortly before the increase goes into effect, and the money will be invested elsewhere. (This happened in the 1980s, in fact. The government saw a big spike in capital gains tax receipts. Once.)

ObamaCare represents the single largest tax increase in US history. I said this when the Democrat Regime was ramming it through Congress. It's still true now. And the rich won't be paying for as much of it as the Democrats think they will.

* * *

By the way, before I started with the Index OST my BakaBT ratio was around 0.41, and in the green. Woot.

* * *

Where are the adults? Certainly they are not in Washington, D.C.

* * *

Yesterday, while waiting for a train, I saw a depressed-center flat cargo by. Very rare to see one of those monsters.

It looked very much like this one, only it was empty:

Even if I'd had a camera I wouldn't have gotten a picture of it, though. Oh well.

* * *

You can expect that Missouri will get ObamaCare even though its citizens voted overwhelmingly to opt out of it.

* * *

Yet another example of how tolerant and open-minded liberals are.

* * *

How to hide a gun in plain sight. But it's not exactly optimal for home defense, as assembly doubtless takes more than a minute or two....

* * *

Shut my mouth! Looks like I'm totally wrong about the utility of the 40-mile range of the Chevy Volt.

* * *

We got another 0.4" of rain today, as if we needed it. *sigh*

* * *

Every time I hear a doctor's receptionist ask someone, "Doctor who?" I want to laugh.

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