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#2208: Postmodernism is horseshit.

Sex is not a social construct, damn it. You can't convince me it is; man is man and woman is woman, and a transsexual is a surgical curiosity, not an actual man or woman or whatever the hell it says it is.

I saw a Heinlein quote (from Starhip Troopers, where else?) at Eternity Road today which applies here: "The practical reason for continuing our system of government is the same as the practical reason for continuing anything: it works satisfactorily."

Once can take Heinlein's words and apply them, with little modification, to the institution of marriage, though Heinlein himself (being an advocate of free love) would consider that stretching the point.

Five thousand odd years of human society have led us to the point of defining marriage as one man and one woman, bound together by vows and societal taboos, as a way of harnessing their energies towards the betterment of society and the raising of successful children.

But in the age of the Sexual Revolution and the "we're smarter than all those old people and we want it OUR way" Baby Boomers, we make a habit of throwing out the accumulated wisdom of the past several millennia because it's old, it keeps people from doing whatever the hell they want to, and it exposes them to the consequences of their actions.

* * *

Democrats want to index taxes to the local cost of living. Sounds reasonable that way, doesn't it?

Consider this, then: the big cities are all Democrat strongholds, and the cost of living in those cities is pretty damn high.

Okay, here's Joe York, a Democrat living in NYC whose salary is $200,000 per year. He gets by fairly well but he's got to pay $1,500 per month on his two bedroom condo, and with all the taxes and fees and stuff he's only able to sock back about $1,000 per month into savings.

Here's Bill Casey, a Republican living somewhere on the outskirts of Wichita. He also has a salary of $200,000 per year; but his mortgage is $500 per month and living is pretty cheap for him. He saves nearly $5,000 per month and still manages to live rather nicely.

As the tax law stands now, both men pay the same federal income taxes.

The Democrats wish to change this. You see, the Bush tax cuts are going to expire at the end of the year, and the Democrats realize that if they do nothing, everyone is going to be upset with them. They especially don't want to discourage rich Democrats from voting for them, so they need the tax cuts in place. But they can't stomach extending the tax cuts, because tax cuts are anathema to Democrats.

Their solution is to raise taxes on people who don't vote for them, and indexing the federal tax rate to local cost of living is how they can do it.

It's slimy and typical, and it can easily be spun as if it's some great wonderful thing they're doing; but the reality is, they're raising taxes only on the people who don't vote for them.

* * *

The Democrats are still trying to apologize for winning World War Two.

* * *

Big surprise: Police exempt themselves from seatbelt laws.

* * *

Ann Coulter is a Constitional lawyer and understands the subject of which she speaks; and this is good enough for me.

"Anchor babies" were never the intention behind the 14th Amendment; considering that there are no longer any freed slaves in the US (as slavery is now illegal) we should repeal the 14th Amendment.

* * *

Obama administration doesn't seem to realize what's going on. They are either ignoring reality, or are utterly oblivious to it. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Let me ask the question again: WHAT recovery?

* * *

As a software developer himself, Shamus should understand why these kinds of things happen.

Blizzard is making a hell of a lot of changes to WoW with the Cataclysm expansion; the entire world is being rebuilt from the ground up. I don't know anything about the design of complex software. What I do know is that sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go back to square one and start over. That's one reason for the beta being so long and so widely disseminated; they want to make sure everything works well enough that their entire system won't come down when it's time for everyone to upgrade to Cata.

Software version numbers typically start with zero when they're in beta; so a particular version of beta software might be 0.12.345, and patching it would bring it to 0.12.346.

But sometimes you find a structural problem with a program which cannot be patched; sometimes you have to rebuild some fundamental piece of the software which changes how everything fits together. When that happens, you've gone up to beta version 0.13.000.

It sounds to me as if Shamus' travails with Blizzard's Cataclysm beta are foundering on something of that nature. It's not that they're moving "one of the rocks in Durotar three feet to the left"; they're fixing something major which cannot be replaced with a patch.

This commentor gets it right.

* * *

Test your green laser for IR output. Cool.

* * *

Anime last night: Petite Princess Yucie is over, and it ended very, very well.

Mayoi Neko Overrun looks mildly entertaining after 1 ep.

Since Yucie is over I'll be adding Working!! to the playlist.

The full-length version of the To Aru Majutsu no Index OP is awesome, and the instrumental version is incredibly cool to listen to. You've got to love a song that works well as both a vocal and instrumental track.

I decided to grab the OSTs for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun as well, because I recalled thinking the OPs for that series were okay.

* * *

Now I get to start running errands. Tuesday, Wednesday, those were doctor visit days (Mom not me) and Friday I get to drive her to Frankfort to see another doctor. Today, I get to run errands. *sigh*

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