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#2214: Keep hammering "Obamanomics"

"Obamanomics has failed". Indeed it has. Plenty of us predicted they would fail, because the methods employed by the Obama administration have been tried over and over again and they have always failed.

Democrats may be panicking, to the point that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might forgive some "underwater" mortgages.

...wait a minute; I could have sworn that I linked that story and commented about it, but I can't find where I did, so I must have only thought I did. WTF-ever.

In particular I seem to remember this quote: "The bottom line? Panic over this stalled economy may be setting in."

Oh well.

Point is, the economy is sucking canal water, the Obama administration has only done things to make it worse, and no one is saying jack squat about "Obamanomics" except me and that guy in the first link.

Republicans, if you want to win in November, take heed: start talking about the failures of Obamanomics. Hang this economy around his neck, because the Democrats for damn sure are going to do their best to hang it around yours.

* * *

Yet another reason to BRING BACK DDT GOD DAMN IT.

Fuck the EPA. Fuck Nixon for saddling us with it.

* * *

That's why I don't like Nixon. Not Watergate; the Democrats have done much worse since then and no one cares about that, so why should I care about Watergate? No.

What I don't like about Nixon is what he did to make government more intrusive: EPA and OSHA. Thanks, Nixon.

* * *

File this one under "keeping your troops from deserting".

Look: Iran and Iraq were pretty evenly-matched the last time they had a war. And the last time the US fought against Iraqi forces, the US stomped them into the ground with prejudice and in detail. Iran cannot have improved its military to the point of providing credible opposition to the United States; there are simply no signs of it having happened. Without help from a major partner--which would have been impossible to conceal--they can't do it. ("Major partner" being Russia or China. There have been reports of some arms trading but not on a big enough scale to make Iran a serious opponent for the US.)

The only thing Iran may have up its sleeve is nuclear weapons. It is possible they could have already enriched enough U-235 to build some bombs, and have managed to keep the world from knowing it. But if Iran uses nuclear weapons against US troops, the gloves come off and Iran learns what real unlimited war looks like. To its sorrow.

* * *

Boortz hopes the governor of Arizona did write this analogy:
What if the owners of the Suns discovered that hordes of people were sneaking into games without paying? What if they had a good idea just who the gate-crashers are, but the ushers and security personnel were not allowed to ask these folks to produce their ticket stubs, thus non-paying attendees couldn't be ejected. Furthermore; what if Suns' ownership was expected to provide those who sneaked in with complimentary eats and drink? And what if, on those days when a gate-crasher became ill or injured, the Suns had to provide free medical care and shelter?
If the owner of the Phoenix Suns, Robert Sarver, thinks Arizona's new immigration law is bad, why doesn't he (literally) put his money where his mouth is and implement such a policy with regards to his team's home games?

That's exactly what he's advocating.

* * *

The Anchoress asks, "What kind of president is this?"

She answers her own question a bit later:
I guess it’s a president who believes he is a prince, not an executive, a president who thinks he is supposed to rule, rather than lead, and a president who dares not accept a letter from a Governor because then he won’t be able to say he never read it or hasn’t seen it.

And once again, one senses that Obama only wants to be the president of some of the nation, not all of it.
Emphasis mine.

Obama wants to rule, not to govern or lead; and it shows in everything he does and says.

* * *


From the former governor's own pen. Err, keyboard.

...once again demonstrating the PANTS-WETTING FEAR that Sarah Palin inspires in the left.

* * *

The BP oil spill in the gulf was over-hyped as an unprecedented disaster. It reminds John Baer of other hyped-up would-be "disasters".

* * *

Gee, Democrats trying to do funny stuff with elections. Who would ever suspect that?

* * *

All the stuff that's going wrong, all the failed policies and programs, well, they're Biden's fault.

Okay, no, the article doesn't say that; but by throwing Biden under the bus the Obama administration could conceivably get some of the professional Democrat water-carriers (read: "mainstream media") to uncritically repeat the propaganda for them, and somehow squeeze a few more approval points out of the polls. VP Hillary would garner the Obama administration some much-needed support among core Democrat voters.

...assuming Hillary accepted the nomination. It's kind of hard to run for President when you're a sitting VP and the President is your opponent in the primary. (The Obama faction might be thinking of this specifically to de-fang Hillary come 2012.)

Kicking out Biden would be a de facto admission that Obama's not the brains of the outfit, by the way. Remember all the catcalls from liberals about how Dick Cheney was calling the shots, because "Bushitler is to dumb"?

* * *

Well, old Ormus hit 70th level last night, finally. I finished off the quests I had in Nagrand, and cleared out the quest log of junk I'm probably never going to get around to doing; now Ormus has a handful of remaining quests and the entirety of Northrend before him.

Predictably I've started with Borean Tundra, by grabbing the quests at Valiance Keep; and I'm slowly working my way through. I did a few quests at Fizzcrank Airstrip before I got totally pissed off at the game and shut down in disgust.

The problem I have is that Ormus is still too damn squishy. Even with the armor buff and such, if I have to fight more than one opponent at a time I'm risking death. If a third opponent shows up I might as well just let the guy die and rez, because I run out of mana and health and replenishments for both too damn quickly.

What hurts the most is when I get the last monster to the point of needing to get off just one more spell...and I have no mana left. That's when Ormus dies.

*sigh* Well, it's "World of Warcraft", not "Hello Kitty's Island Adventure", I guess.

Anyway, you get a ton of spell upgrades at 70th, which knocked Ormus' pocketbook from the mid 400s down to a bit more than 300 gold.

I need to maximize haste rating, spell damage, and mana regen, dang it. Ormus needs gear; but the only way to get it is either to buy it or to earn it, and Ormus can't buy or earn the stuff until he hits 80th.

* * *

Every time I look at the Harbor Freight brouchure--in fact, every time I look at anything which is car-related in any way--I see ads for winches, and think about how I've always wanted to have a winch.

In 2007 I got the Cherokee, thus getting me a Jeep (which I'd wanted for a long time), and the first thing I thought of is, "Now that I've got a Jeep, adding a winch isn't so far-fetched, is it?" It would let me off-road the thing with a measure of impunity, because if you get stuck, a winch can usually help you get unstuck.

But winches are expensive and I'm not exactly a hardcore off-roading guy. I don't want to put a massive tube-steel bumper on the front with a winch mount; my ideal winch would be tucked behind the grille, with only the fairlead showing.

Then, though, you run into an issue of power. Every time I watch Extreme 4x4 on Spike, when they talk about winches they talk about these huge (and expensive) monsters which could hoist a battleship and cost $1,000. I don't want or need that; but since my knowledge of winches is limited I have no idea what I do need.

My main issue is this: how much capacity does one really need? A vehicle sitting on the ground is a dead load; presumably you have a certain amount of resistance to overcome when extracting it from whatever has it captive, but how much force is required? A ton? Two tons? Five?

Seems to me that if it takes ten thousand pounds of pull to extract your truck from that mud puddle, you're going to be ripping off wheels and suspension components. No?

The Jeep weighs about two tons (a bit less) so why would I need a five-ton winch? But I don't want to get into a situation thinking, "I'm good!" and then discover that even five tons of pull isn't enough.


And so I don't have a winch nor do I have plans to buy one. That's how it goes.

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