atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2215: "Take this job and shove it!"

I don't blame the guy who popped an emergency door and went down the escape slide.

The story's all over the place, of the flight attendant who got fed up dealing with unruly and rude passengers and quit with style. He got a visit from a SWAT team for his trouble, because you never know about those people who get fed up after 28 years of dealing with bullshit day in and day out; they might have wired their houses with 420 tons of Semtex and bought 95 shotguns, loaded them with nails, and lay in wait, eagerly anticipating ventilating everyone in a quarter-mile radius.

One could agree it's a bit extreme to exit a commercial airliner via the emergency slide, thus disabling a multi-million dollar aircraft for several days and costing his former employer literal millions of dollars--not just because of repair fees but because of the loss of revenue from that aircraft. That might excuse the SWAT team. Or may not.

He's not getting that job back; count on it. And no one else will want to hire him as a flight attendant.

This is obviously an action taken without much thought, though. Better revenge would have been to report the unruly passenger to TSA, because that passenger did violate at least one federal law. "Oh, you're in a hurry? Sorry, but TSA wants to talk to you...." But although the guy would have been in the right, everyone would have regarded him as a douchebag.

I'm not a frequent flier, so perhaps I have the wrong perspective, but I think it's stupid when everyone jumps up from their seats and starts cramming into the aisles the instant the seat belt sign goes off. It's going to take a certain amount of time for the airplane to reach the terminal and it'll take more time to line up the jetway and get the doors open; and all that time you are just standing there, accomplishing nothing but taking up space. You certainly don't get out of the airplane any damn faster than you would if you just waited in your seat for the door to open.

That's what I do; I stay in my seat until it's obvious that the plane is emptying. And I get out just as quickly as the douchenozzle next to me who jumped out of his seat and started digging in the overhead compartment as soon as the plane hit the taxiway.

Then again, I don't bring a shitton of luggage aboard the airplane. Usually I bring things I want to keep close to me, like my laptop (if it's traveling with me) and I'll have a knapsack for books and snacks and things. Wallet, keys, cellphone, etc, will be in my sporran, which remains strapped to my person at all times. The laptop will usually go under the seat and the knapsack between my feet, or vice-versa, depending on how paranoid I feel.

It's not easy to have a job where you deal with the public day in and day out. Oh, some people eat that shit up, but not me; people are too damn stupid. Infuriatingly so. That's why, I think, the guy in this story snapped; the passenger in question was being a total retard: staying in his seat until the seat belt sign went off would not have slowed him down one iota yet the moron could not be arsed to sit down and wait a few more minutes to get his carryon luggage.

It'd be nice if the denouement to this story talked about how so-and-so was arrested and charged with violations of the such-and-such law, etc. In other words, if the passenger who prompted all this had some consequences fall on his head.

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