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#2217: Illinois government is a cesspool of corruption.

Three links, then comments.

Michelle Malkin.

John Kass at the Chicago Tribune.

Clarice Feldman at American Thinker.

The second link lists the winners in the Blago corruption trial:
Jesse Jackson Jr
Mike Madigan
...all Democrats, oddly enough, even though the former governor is himself a Democrat.

Blago's defense team didn't do much defending and no witnesses were called. None. Particularly not Rahm Emmanuel, or Tony Rezko, both of whom have some major links to Obama: one works for him and the other got him a sweetheart deal on his house in the Kingswood neighborhood of Chicago, where all the bigwigs live.

I can see the White House giving Blago's lawyer a call: "If you want to keep walking around with both kneecaps, you'd better not call anyone to the stand who would be embarassed by the questions you'd ask." Metaphorically speaking, of course; I would never suggest that a sitting President would want to strong-arm someone or use illegal threats to prevent some embarassement to himself.

Jesse Jackson Jr. was given a pass because of who his father is; if he had been the offspring of some random guy rather than the scion of the Democrat party's lead racial shakedown artist, he'd be in the cell next to Blago. You think Jesse Jackson doesn't have enough power to keep his kid off the docket? "If my son gets arrested for anything related to this, the South Side will burn. Count on it."

Daley: what a piece of work that crap sandwich is. Notice that he's always surprised and shocked when one of his cronies turns out to be dirty? He's a good actor, isn't he? But he couldn't have seized that kind of power on his own. He's his father's son, all right, but he's merely using the machine his father put into place.

Madigan: he's been in charge of the Illinois House for a long time, and he's got a crapton of money. The salient quote:
When governors learn the truth, they either quiver like Jell-O or resign themselves to cutting ribbons. A few end up going to prison. Here's the truth: Power in Illinois isn't held by governors. Madigan and Daley run things.
Neither one has that kind of power constitutionally, of course. But both Madigan and Daley have been very careful to follow the law to the letter; after all, they write the laws and their machines approve them, so there's never any worry about whether or not they can make money and keep power and avoid breaking the law.

Wherever you have big Democrat machines running areas with large Democrat majorities, you always have corruption? You can't get away from it; it always happens that way. Not just in Illinois and Chicago, but everywhere. Why do you suppose that is?

Has there been a Republican machine in operation in the past fifty years that generated this kind of filth on a daily basis? (Answers which discuss Republican governors of Illinois will receive a failing grade:
When governors learn the truth, they either quiver like Jell-O or resign themselves to cutting ribbons. A few end up going to prison. Here's the truth: Power in Illinois isn't held by governors. Madigan and Daley run things.
Emphasis added so you'll get what I'm saying.)

It's uncanny, and it's typical, and it's sleazy, and it's wrong. How the hell do you clean house without erasing the whole damn city and starting over?

Well, the machine politics can only go so far. Right now the Illinois state budget is running on fumes, and it's not sustainable. Raising taxes in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s will only reduce, rather than increase, revenue; and the government gravy train will come to an end.

And when the money stops, there will be riots.

* * *

I need to see about getting myself some armaments, damn it, because I'm worried about how far the "inner city" will come in search of stuff to loot and burn. I'll need signs which say "Looters will be shot," too, as I don't like the idea of shooting someone without some kind of warning.

...I don't like the idea of shooting people, period, but if it comes down to a question of who gets whacked, I want it to be the other guy, and I'll just have to suck it up and deal with the emotional fallout afterwards.

* * *

Bah. Now I'm all depressed.

* * *

Brace for inflation! The Fed has begun a policy which is effectively going to monetize the debt, which is going to inflate the dollar into toilet paper.

Guess I got a reason to be depressed. Maybe I'll have a margerita before bed.

Or three.

No, I don't have that much liquor in the house; it's hyperbole.

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