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#2220: HOW LONG have I been saying this?

EMP burst could be an unprecedented disaster for the United States.

In the case of a deliberate attack, I've been saying it so long I've forgotten how long I've been saying it. Everyone says, "Oh, Iran couldn't deliver a nuke to the US to do that!"

With the sun only now exiting one of the deepest minima in the past couple of centuries, now suddenly we're worried about an epic coronal mass ejection? This worried?

I suppose we're due for a major geomagnetic storm, though. There was that one in the late 19th century which set telegraph wires on fire and stuff. I don't know if a major CME would be as bad as EMP, but then what I know about geosolarelectrodynamics is eclipsed by what I don't know.

* * *

Meanwhile, Iran will start making plutonium pretty soon and plutonium's easier to separate than U-235 is. Whee!

* * *

WTF is it with liberals and their inability to cope with the existence of Sarah Palin? It's as if she were violating the laws of thermodynamics or something.

* * *

"Apparently facts are now 'partisan.'" Dude, let me clue you in on a little secret: when they refer to Democrats, inconvenient facts are always partisan. The more negative they are, the more partisan they are.

Bill Clinton committing perjury? "Partisan attack! It was just about sex!"

George Bush listening to all the intelligence agencies in the world saying Saddam Hussein had WMDs, when he didn't? "Bush lied! Kids died!"

"...[T]his is a classic case of the mainstream media silencing those who report inconvenient truths about this administration." Indeed.

* * *

Good post from Francis Porretto. It ends by reminding us that we need to laugh at the left.

That's why the left gets so indignant when jokes are made at its expense: it cannot tolerate ridicule; it is not strong enough.

* * *

Hawking is not saying "mankind must abandon Earth." Hawking is echoing a famous sentiment expressed by Heinlein when he says, "The human race shouldn't have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet."

Mankind won't abandon Earth until the Sun undergoes its red giant phase. (And maybe not even then; given five billion years we might figure out how to move planets.) But we need to have colonies on other worlds--viable, self-reliant colonies--if we want to last that long.

* * *

Unemployment is heading up again.


* * *

...looking at Og's blog and reading what he has to say about biltong, I keep thinking about trying that myself. Ever since reading Lucifer's Hammer and the procedure employed therein by character Harvey Randall for making beef jerky and pemmican, I have thought about trying my hand at doing that sort of thing just for the hell of it.

* * *

My sister just got here a bit more than an hour ago, and what's she doing? Vacuuming. WTF. Well, she works in an office, and she got to sleep on the train last night, so perhaps it's therapeutic or something.

* * *

I discovered a few things about the Aluratek Libre eReader Pro last night.

#1: It can only play music from one directory, and it'll be the first directory of music it finds on the SD card. There is no way to navigate to another directory that I could discern. (That explains a lot.)

#2: It does not play music very well. I think the data rate of my MP3s is too high; I almost exclusively use 320kB/sec when I encode them. The Libre may have trouble with that; there are little clicks and pops in the music as it plays. I thought about re-encoding some stuff in 128 kB/sec to see if that helps, but I really don't care about this issue that much. If I want music I'll listen to my MP3 player.

#3: It does not always put up the "Charging" graphic when it is charging.

Oh well.

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