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#2222: Listen to this.

It's a BBC Radio documentary about "Useful Idiots".

It's an audio documentary by someone who understands how evil communism is, and why it's evil, and its myriad ways of being insidious and treacherous.

Via Ace of Spades. I actually went there to see something else, but his post on the BBC Radio piece intrigued me enough to get me to install the Windows Media Player plug-in so I could listen to the show. And it was so compelling I was disappointed that the second part isn't available yet.

* * *

Wait! In the comments for the Ace post, the BBC Radio archive has 'em both for download! Awesome.

Part One.

Part Two.

(You should be able to right-click those links and select "save link as" or "save link target as", but do go to the BBC site instead.)

* * *

Why is Ace of Spades not in my blogroll? "[Obama] took a break from his grueling golf/vacation schedule to have a dinner."

An excellent examination of media bias and how it operates.

Okay, it's on the blogroll now.

* * *

Ironically I got there because of a link over at Big Dick's Place, which was to something entirely unrelated to the post which prompted me to post this.

...and, BTW, that card trick--OMG.

* * *

If you're a native American*, how you talk is pretty much how the original colonials talked.

Interesting point: colonies tend to be more conservative than the places which spawned them, which is why the British lost their rhoticity while we kept it.

Other interesting point: the dialect we now call "Ebonics" came from Great Britain. That's right; in colonial Great Britain there were people who talked like gangsta rappers. Enough of these folks settled in the south that slaves brought to the colonies picked up the accent from them.

* * *

*= I am a native American. I was born here. "Native American" <> "indian". I don't care what the politically correct asshats say.

* * *

Okay, I'm a convert.

I think it was Steven Den Beste who tried Banquet or Swanson pot pies and was disappointed with them. I thought he was being a bit unfair; what does he expect for less than $1? Anyway he compared them (unfavorably) to Marie Callender's pot pies.

I tried one while Mom was in the hospital; I needed fast and easy food and they were on sale for $3.00 each, and they're big. I was impressed with the quality of it. (Well, crap, for a regular price of $3.70 apiece they damn well ought to be big and good.)

Now, I think the Banquet/Swanson pot pies are okay, but they never served as meals for me; I'd have one after getting up, when I needed something just to shut up my stomach for an hour or three, just until I was able to get some real food.

The Marie Callender's pot pies are meals--they're about twice the volume of the cheapo ones--and $3.70 to shut up my stomach for 4-5 hours is a freakin' bargain. There's a good portion of meat in them, and sliced carrots which actually taste like carrots. they've earned a permanent place on the shopping list.

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