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#2223: Or, here's an idea: DON'T LITTER, YOU ASSHAT.

If you decide to throw a banana peel out of your car’s window while driving, make sure you don’t hit the police car that is just overtaking you.
I see trash all over the damn place, deposited by lazy people who can't be arsed to throw their garbage into a proper trash receptacle. "Oh, I'm done with this, I'll just chuck it out the window."

I want to find those people, beat them with a tire iron, and then make them watch as a garbage truck dumps its load on their freaking car.

I don't think it's too much to expect of anyone old enough to drive a car that he should be able to plan ahead. If you're going to eat a banana while driving--WTF, sometimes you have to eat while driving. But if you're going to do it, have a plastic bag handy for the peel. It's not like you can't get plastic bags for nothing, since presumably you bought the banana someplace and probably they had plastic bags by the fuck-ton specifically for the purpose of giving you a convenient way of carrying home your purchases. Chances are there's a perfectly good garbage can at your destination, and that way your trash will go to the proper place instead of making an unsightly mess of the highways.

I bet this dickhead is the kind of person who complains about how man is ruining the environment, too.

* * *

Obama votes "present" on the Ground Zero Celebratory Mosque.

* * *

Runaway Slave.

I already know what the template will be for this film: "This film is made by a self-hating black man." "He's an Uncle Tom!" "He's not black; he's an oreo! He only looks black on the outside, but on the inside, he's white!"

Not one person critical of this film will actually address the points raised by it; the critics will universally pan it.

The left is so predictable, who needs a crystal ball? I don't need to tell you these things; you know them already.

* * *

Brian Dunbar is selling his sailboat. I know the pain he's experiencing. I hated it when I had to let Dad's sailboat go, even though I knew there was no way in hell I could afford to rent dockspace and pay insurance and buy supplies and-and-and.

If there was any way in hell I could justify buying Brian's boat--and if I had the money--I'd have already sent him an e-mail about it. A 13-foot boat is much more manageable than Dad's 23-footer was, because you don't need dockspace for a boat that small: you just put it in the water when you want to use it, and keep it on the trailer otherwise. That also obviates having to clean and wax the bottom twice per year (or to strip and apply anti-fouling paint once per year) and a 13-footer should be small enough to fit in a garage, so storage isn't an issue, either.

If I thought I could justify it I'd offer to trade him a perfectly usable 1977 MGB for his boat. It needs a tune up and some other minor details (and a couple of not-so-minor details, like a new set of tires) but it'd be a steal at $2,000. But if medical reasons keep him from sailing, they'd probably keep him from tinkering with a little British car. (Pity. The car is yellow, like the boat. There's a certain symmetry to it.)

Well, he already has plenty of people interested in buying the thing, which is really good considering the state of the economy.

* * *

I ordered checks last week, with two extra books of deposit slips. The deposit slips arrived Thursday; the checks arrived today.

Estimated time of arrival when I placed the order: August 23.


...ironically, I went with the sailboat motif this time. The last box (bought in 2004--I have not written many checks) was a lighthouse motif. What I really want to do is to get a lineup of hot anime babes and have custom checks printed, but I needed the checks and didn't feel like sorting through a billion images to find the right one for my purposes.

I could have had checks printed with a picture of my Fiero, though. I even have one that's perfect for the task:

Now I think of that. *sigh* It only needs a little tweaking in the rear wheel area to be perfect. This is an image I've prepared specifically for applying to a tee shirt...if I ever get around to it. Argh etc.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with the sailboats. I like sailboats.

Notice please that I--once again--gave thought to the Hello Kitty motif and--once again--rejected it. My iconoclastic streak is still alive and well, even though I keep it on a tighter leash these days.

When I opened my first checking account, I selected a skull-and-crossbones woodcut for my checks. So, right next to the name and address block was the old Jolly Roger; and to my disappointment I hardly ever got any comments about it. I suspect there were more checks out there like that than my young adult imagination could comprehend. After all, this was 1987, before fully-customized checks with elaborate backgrounds were really common, yet the Jolly Roger was one of the available woodcuts. (You could also get the radiation warning trefoil. I shoulda gone with that one....)

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