atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#223: Inspiration for the Meido-san

YouTube Video of Sanrio's ActroidDer in action.

Kokoro's ActroidDer web site

A link to these (among other things) from Chizumatic post is what got me thinking about domestic robots in the first place.

Scroll down about 1/3 of the way to the entry marked 20061007.2205 to see the post in question.

The video I linked to, above, is startling to say the least. While the robot's face doesn't move very much--there is almost no emotional expression to it--it's still very interesting to watch. I think the arms look just a touch unnatural, like the forearms are just a centimeter or so too long. Also, when the robot makes large movements, the whole thing rebounds too much.

You know you're not looking at a human being; but it's a damn good mannequin!

I expect that the unmodified Model One Meido-san would look a lot like that, only in a maid uniform and with the hair up, rather than loose.

This particular machine cannot move from its base; and I suspect that there must be an air compressor somewhere near to it supplying the high-pressure air to run its pneumatics. Still, it's a hell of a job.

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