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#2226: That's it; we're boned.

Vox Day talks about a WSJ article which anticipates a market crash.

Vox asks, "Any predictions on when the first serious mention of Great Depression 2.0 occurs in the WSJ?"

I don't know about the Wall Street Journal but in the mainstream media it'll probably come on November 3rd, should the Republicans win majorities in Congress.

Anyway, the article Vox links to is just full of good news.


...which is the "hand of sarcasm" emoticon (TM) in case anyone's forgotten.

* * *

My oldest sister lives in the New Orleans area, and she has some really interesting things to say about the BP oil spill.

#1) The media has over-hyped the entire thing.

#2) When they could not get permission to accept foreign offers of equipment loans to clean up the mess, the people doing the cleanup responded by buying the equipment.

#3) The unemployed fishermen got work laying boom and doing other tasks related to mitigation and cleanup.

#4) The entire N.O. area has been experiencing an economic boom because they are still recovering from Katrina.

...that last is very, very interesting: why haven't we heard about this from the mainstream media? I'll tell you why: because any success there will violate the media template that Katrina was an unmitigated disaster which was All George Bush's Fault.

* * *

Remember the future?

* * *

As for me, I spent my day going to a birthday party, and then recovering from it.

No, all I drank was pop.

Saturday I asked Mom and oldest sister, "What time is the party tomorrow?" Oldest sister said 4 PM; and none of us suspected that was wrong. I went to bed around 1 AM but could not sleep, and ended up tossing and turning until well after 7.

Mom woke me at noon telling me my sister had been wrong; the party started at 12:30. I think I might have gotten as much as 4 hours of sleep. I hauled myself out of bed, got ready, and we went.

I was fine for the first hour. But as the thing dragged on, I began fading, and my gut started cramping, and I got a headache; Mom and I left at 4. People were still standing around and talking, but I had to get out of there, and I hadn't been much conversation for the past couple of hours anyway.

Got home, changed clothes, and immediately fell asleep.

Three hours later I woke up with the headache but without the other symptoms. Ibuprofen took care of the headache, but I'm going to go back to bed in a little while because I still feel kind of cruddy.

No idea what it was--stress, lack of sleep, sand in my vagina, I don't know.

The food was good, though. The food's always good there. It's a local place, Scrementi's, which does Italian "family-style" catering and banquets besides doing the regular restaurant thing. (I was pushing to have the wedding reception there last year when I thought I'd be getting married this year. *sigh*)

* * *

I was trying to find a suitable ending for this post when


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