atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2228: The first step is always the hardest.

I just went to Walgreen's (thanks to the suggestion of an anonymous poster, who I need to know a name so I can credit properly and remain true to the Fungus' comments policy) and got the ID pic taken for my FOID card.

It's going out with tomorrow's mail.

Once I have that, I can buy guns! I can buy ammunition! I can take those items to ranges and enjoy my right to keep and bear arms!

I can be subspecked and narked by police for having the gall to want to own firearms! ("WTF, are you high?" Sorry; it's an obscure Heinlein reference. Ever read Door into Summer?)

(" boys have orders to nark first and subspeck afterwards." When Dan Davis first wakes up in 2000 after taking "cold sleep" in 1970, he runs afoul of new slang....)

I get to restrain sarcasm when asked stupid questions by overly-nosy police officers! "What's in that gun case in the back?" it a gun? It's a gun, right? "An unloaded rifle."


* * *

While waiting for my photo to be ready I spied, on an endcap, boxes of dried fruit. All of them about 4 oz each, priced $1. The one that caught my eye first was dates (non-dried, but pitted) and I grabbed it, because a single serving of dates for $1 isn't too bad.

Then I saw "tropical mix", same size, same price, and snagged that one too.

I like dates, I really do. I liked them when they first showed up in my life, dried and chopped in "granola" cereal; and I liked them better the first time I got to try whole, pitted dates. Though I can't help but echo the Indiana Jones line, "It's a date! Ya eat 'em!"

I've just about eaten the entire package already. Even thinking of them as "candied cockroaches"--which was what the texture made me think of the first time I had one--doesn't keep me from eating them.

What the hell--it's fruit, at least, and not cookies or chocolate or something.

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