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#2230: Well, we had to find him guilty of SOMETHING.

"Lying to a federal agent"? Really?

Really? That was the best you could manage?

Ace (the latter link) is of the opinion that someone on the jury may have been a Blago fan, which is why it ended up coming to the verdicts it came to.

Me, I'm not so sure.

There's no question in my mind that Blago is dirty, okay? He's an Illinois Democrat, for crying out loud. But the real political power in IL is concentrated in Mike Madigan's office and Chicago's City Hall, not the Governor's office. Through whatever accident of omission these turkeys managed not to control who was appointed to fill Obama's senate seat; and that is what Rod Blagojevich went on trial for: he refused to do what his masters wanted and stubbornly insisted on making his own decision.

Trying to "sell" Obama's senate seat? Shit. Blago did what all politicians do: try to make advantage for themselves. It's not right nor is it honest or honorable; but it's the way it is, particularly in a corrupt blue state like Illinois.

The fact that the prosecution couldn't support their case well enough to get a guilty verdict on any charge other than the federal trial booby prize is evidence enough that Blago--dirty as he is--probably isn't actually guilty of the crimes he's been exonerated for.

("Booby prize": "Scooter" Libby and Martha Stewart were found guilty of "lying to federal agents".)

* * *

Obama plans not to count the votes of soldiers serving overseas:

One post about it.

Another post about it.

BTW: look at the Constitution. Show me the passage which guarantees anyone the right to vote.

There is none. The Founders left it that way on purpose, because they understood the benefits of limited franchise.

That said: if you qualify for the franchise, your exercise thereof is supposed to be counted in the total vote. The ruling party cannot choose to ignore certain areas or districts because those people won't/don't vote the right way. All valid votes must be counted.

* * *

Let's quickly review the history of race in America:

In colonial days, black Africans were brought to America in chains and enslaved--literally made the property of other people. So deeply ingrained was the practice of slavery that it was written into the Constitution. It was abolished only after more than 75 years and a horrific and bloody civil war.

Although blacks formally were granted freedom and legal equality after the Civil War, in practice they remained second-class citizens. Particularly in the South, they were subjected to a regime of discrimination so pervasive that it is no exaggeration to describe it as totalitarian, enforced as it was through violence and terror by both the state and the majority population.

Overcoming this system of white supremacy was a century-long struggle, culminating with the landmark civil rights legislation of the 1960s. Today black Americans are full citizens, their civil and political rights secured by law. A black man has even been elected president of the United States.

Despite this progress, the struggle continues. Slavery and Jim Crow are history, but it falls to our generation to rid America of the scourge of . . . offensive carnival games.
Damn those offensive carnival games!

* * *

Fred knocks one out of the park.

* * *

Tuesday has been almost entirely wasted.

...I woke up this morning around 10-ish, had a beef sandwich, blogged...and then faded out. I slept for four more hours. After sleeping well last night. WTF.

It means that everything's been pushed back to Wednesday, when it will have to get done. We're running low on cat food!

Oh well.

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