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#2237: Fore!

Today I went to Lincoln Mall to visit Lenscrafters. On the way there I passed by a golf course. There was a guy who was trying to get out of the rough--the ditch by the road--and either he has some wicked kind of slice or else he hit a tree, because the ball went about a radian off the plane in which he was swinging the club, right into traffic.

I heard it ricochet off the Jeep's skid plate, and I didn't see it in the rearview mirror. I laughed to myself, "Now I'll forget this, and one of these days I'll go under the truck to fix something, and say, 'Why is there a golf ball there?'"

But I saw it along the road on my way home.

I could see it, because I'm sporting contact lenses!

I hadn't even thought about contact lenses; my focus was on getting glasses. But as soon as the woman who helped me asked the question, I thought, "Hell, why not?"

So I've got a free trial pair in now, and they're good for 14 uses before you toss 'em. I dug out my sunglasses from 2000 and I wear them when I go out in the sun.

I went in there expecting that they'd have to order everything, because I have a really strong prescription. Well, my new glasses will be ready this evening but the contact lenses, they had to order. Oh well.

On the plus side, my RX didn't change all that much. The place was efficient as all get-out; I was in and out in an hour, and they even replaced the nosepads on my old pair of glasses, and cleaned 'em. The service was fast, really friendly, and very helpful.

The nice thing about contact lenses is that--even at the level of correction I need--they act, optically, like you don't have any corrective lenses.

See, the cornea of the eye isn't just a clear place for light to come through; it's a secondary lens which guides light into the primary lens of the eye. What a contact lens does is to lay an artificial extra layer over the cornea, thus modifying the shape of that lens; and this is what corrects your vision. (Lasik is just a way of making a permanent change to the shape of this lens.)

But because all you're doing is changing the shape of the cornea, you don't need a big, bulky lens; you just need a thin layer of something. The hard part is getting a thin layer of clear material which won't tear easily and which the eye will tolerate, and then getting all of that to be inexpensive to manufacture to the tolerances required. (Mass-producing good lenses cheaply is exacting but not economically infeasable. Evidence: we do it. Besides, you don't need the same precision for corrective lenses that you need for cameras or telescopes; the eye's a lot more forgiving than film or an imaging chip.)

Now: having a lens floating approximately 1" in front of the cornea means that correction is going to be suboptimal. In a nearsighted person like me, the lens is a diverging lens, which means that the field of vision is compressed slightly when the glasses are worn correctly; everything looks a little smaller.

This compression does three things. First, it makes everything appear to move differently. Second, it reduces depth of vision. Finally, it adds a slight fisheye effect to the entire world.

The latter effect affects the first effect. (yeesh, what a construction.) The effect is subtle but an object moving at a constant speed appears to change speeds as it crosses your field of vision.

All of this, though, you get used to. At first you notice everything and it's all really weird, but after a while you adjust and stop noticing it...until, like me, you put in contact lenses for the first time since 2002.

Approximate expression: (O_O)

...because when I walked from the contact lens fitting room to the sales floor to look at frames, I almost banged into a wall I was walking alongside: it was a lot closer than my habits said it should be based on what I was seeing, and it wasn't moving the way I was expecting it to.

Driving home, I was astounded first at the level of detail I was seeing, and second that I could see in 3D again!

This is actually the first new prescription I've had since 2000. (Or was it 1999? I can't remember.) The glasses I got in 2004 were just a same-RX replacement of the pair I got in 2000-ish, because the frames had broken.

Fortunately the eye exam showed that nothing's wrong. They did a bunch of tests, all routine, and one of them was a retinal scan using a green laser. That was neat; when it did a scan my entire field of vision in the eye being scanned was this incredibly bright green color for a couple of seconds. Of course it was an extremely low power laser, but laser light is bright even so.

Anyway, that's that; I go to pick up my new glasses around 6:30 PM. Whee!

* * *


It looks like there's going to be another season of To Aru Majutsu no Index, which suits me just fine. I'm really enjoying it, and I'm probably going to re-watch To Aru Kagaku no Railgun when it's done.

There's also going to be a Railgun OVA. Steven says he doesn't "do very well on horror shows" but he's "gonna be livid" if the Railgun OVA isn't the "Sisters" story. ...sorry, but IMHO the "Sisters" story arc is horror. It's SF-style horror, but it's horror.

I can't really explain why without spoilers.

Anyway, other than that, nothing in the new season looks particularly interesting to me. Oh well. Even if I run out of new stuff to watch, there's still stuff I want to re-watch and stuff I want to transfer to DVD, so it's not like I'm going to be utterly devoid of anime until the winter season.

And even if I were, I'd still have WoW and Torchlight to keep me occupied.

Speaking of RPGs, in Torchlight I decided I wanted to see what the Vanquisher (rogue) character class was like. I generated one; named the cat "Pussy" and the character "Booty", and set out for adventure.

Not bad--of course they're geared for ranged combat, so after I found Booty a couple of good handguns I am pretty much making red smears out of everything I run into. It seems like Booty is progressing faster than Frexxed did--well, part of it is that I'm not learning how to run the game this time, and another part is that I'm not doing as many side dungeons as I did with Frexxed.

* * *

AND I went to Walgreen's today and got the right damn size picture for my FOID card, so that'll be going out Monday. Whee!

* * *

On the way home I passed by a gas station advertising its car wash, and apparently you can get a free wash under certain conditions.

One of them? "ON YOUR"S BIRTHDAY"



#1: "Your" is already a possessive. You don't need to add "'s" to it.

#2: Under no circumstances do you ever use a double quote to make a word possessive.

#3: *sigh*

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